3 things that should happen in a performance review

By Alex Charfen in the Austin Business Journal

Alex Charfen, 3 things that should happen in a performance review


It would be safe to say that performance reviews are one of the most neglected tools in businesses today.

Many organizations, if they implement performance reviews at all, only have them once or twice a year. Beyond this, they’re mostly used in a negative way that causes team members to fear these reviews.

The reality is that consistent and frequent performance reviews, when done correctly, are a tangible way to create transparency and accountability, and reinforce your organization’s desired outcomes. These are the three elements of what I call the performance culture model.

Performance reviews, if completed frequently, allow for better communication of expectations, challenges, friction points, strategies and solutions for all roles within your company. As a leader, the more often you meet with a team member, the better you can help guide their success. This requires coaching and patience, but leads to greater accountability and ultimately greater results.

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Date: October 28, 2016
Appearance: 3 things that should happen in a performance review
Outlet: Austin Business Journal
Location: Austin, Texas
Format: Newspaper