4 Tips for Onboarding New Team Members

By Alex Charfen in Austin Business Journal



Let me begin by saying that nothing great was ever built without a team.

You and your venture, whatever it is, are no exception. You are going to need people to help you do this.

And, they can’t be just any people, they need to be the right people and they have to be on- boarded properly to get them up to speed quickly so they can make a contribution.

Onboarding is a crucial process for ensuring the success of your team members and the success of your company as a whole. Proper onboarding provides new team members with the right expectations of what their role, responsibilities, results and requirements are.

When you properly onboard a new team member, you are explaining and reinforcing:

  • Core values
  • Transparency with expected results of the role and what challenges that you need to coach or provide assistance with
  • Holding the new team member accountable to goals while reinforcing the expectations of the role
  • Driving to results by coaching, mentoring, and providing clear wins for the new team member to strive toward

A properly conducted onboarding process will create accountability within team members themselves by reinforcing a habit of accountability and driving toward results (continue reading).

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Date: October 4, 2016
Appearance: 4 Steps for Onboarding a New Team Member
Outlet: Austin Business Journal (syndicated column)
Format: Newspaper