Optimize Your Morning Routine, Part1: The Walk

By Alex Charfen in Huffington Post


How do successful entrepreneurs optimize their businesses and personal lives? They lower pressure and noise.

This is one of the most widespread issues entrepreneurs face in attempting to realize their visions and build companies. Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPTs) have to be able to decrease the amount of pressure and noise we deal with on a daily basis, the operational drag (things that slow us down), so that we can put our full attention and maximum effort into the activities, initiatives and relationships that matter.

When coaching my clients on this, I get them to focus on the little things first—the daily routines and habits that ensure they’re locked in and ready to give the day their best effort. And I’ve found that there is no time more pivotal to creating the day’s momentum than in the morning.

The Morning Routine

The morning routine has been an important staple of successful entrepreneurs’ lives for as long as there have been entrepreneurs. Just look back through the biographies of Jefferson, Franklin, Edison or Carnegie and you’ll see the pattern. All of them were especially intentional in the early part of the day. My morning routine has evolved over the years and, for me, I’ve gotten it down to an exact science (continue reading).


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Date: August 29, 2016
Appearance: Optimize Your Morning Routine, Part 1: The Walk
Outlet: Huffington Post
Format: Newspaper