How to Use Snapchat to Market Your Small Business

By Melinda Emerson in the Huffington Post


How to Use Snapchat to Market Your Small Business

For the last couple years we’ve been hearing about Snapchat, and now people have figured out how to make money from it, so it’s not just for the kiddies anymore. While currently, the majority of Snapchat users are aged 13 to 34, its reach is starting to skew older as the social media app gains popularity and hits the mainstream as video and photo sharing service. More than 100 million people open the app every day, which makes it a marketing option worth some serious consideration especially if you want to connect your brand with millennial customers.

Here are a few basic techniques that will have you looking like a pro on Snapchat.


Focus on Your Followers
It may seem counterintuitive to center your Snapchat shares around what your followers are doing online, but it’s great for engagement. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention, especially when it’s from a brand like yours? Food delivery service GrubHub is a great example of a brand doing this right. One of the early adopters of Snapchat, the brand soon realized the benefit of engaging followers and letting them be the focus of updates.


Hold a Snapchat Contest
Snapchat users are an interactive bunch, and by holding contests or giveaways, you can get them to spread the word about your brand for you. Make sure the prizes are drool-worthy, and the contest entry rules simple. You could ask followers to snap a photo of them using your product, or go with a holiday theme, like dressing in their scariest Halloween costume, and you choose a winner.


Provide Exclusive Content
When followers get sneak peeks or insider views into your brand that non-followers don’t get access to, they feel special. This might come in the form of unveiling a new product before it hits the shelves, going behind the scenes at a big event, or even getting your followers’ opinion on which direction to take your product line.


Use Short URLs
To drive traffic back to your website, you’ll want to include a link to it on Snapchat. Alex Charfen, an internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, says to keep the URL short, easy to use, and easy to spell.

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Date: November 2, 2016
Appearance: How to Use Snapchat to Market Your Small Business
Outlet: Huffington Post
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