The Most Important People In Your Database


I’d like to pose a simple question to you: When you look at all of the contacts in your database, who are the most important contacts you have? When I ask other entrepreneurs this question, I receive a variety of responses. Some say affiliate partners, others finance and accounting people, our marketing company, new leads, and a whole lot more. But almost no one names the group that are truly the most important group of contacts that you have: current and past customers. When we examine the budget and effort of most companies we work with, we find that the… Keep reading »

The Real Reason People Do Business With You


Why do people choose to buy from us? They aren’t buying a product or a service; they are buying an outcome. People choose to adopt your service or product to achieve a specific outcome in their life or business. You buy marketing services to increase your lead generation or conversion. You pay for a personal trainer to increase strength or lose weight. You buy clothes to look and feel great. When your marketing can effectively sell the outcome, it’ll be much more effective. In this week’s video, I cover a simple strategy you can use to focus your marketing around… Keep reading »

Understand Your Ideal Customer and Build Your Business Around Them


There’s no way around it: to grow your business as fast as you possibly can, you must understand who your ideal customer is. Yet it’s amazing how many companies don’t do this. I used to be a consultant, and I had the opportunity to work with Fortune 100 and Global 100 companies. Without fail, the companies that truly understood their markets were the ones that grew the fastest. Why? What your company offers and the way it operates will make it very easy for some people to work with you, but much harder for others. By building your services and… Keep reading »

A Simple Strategy to Drive Your Projects to Completion


Regardless of what stage of growth your business is in, you can probably list one or two (maybe even four or five?) projects that need to be finished, but you just can’t seem to get to. With the clients we work with, it’s a common struggle and source of angst. “With everything I need to do on a daily basis, how do I also move the major projects forward? What’s a strategy I can use to get them done?” How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s a common analogy. Common enough that most of us… Keep reading »

The Difference Between Losing and Keeping Clients in One Question


In the last blog post I talked about asking better questions to get better outcomes. Great questions help us think differently about problems we’re stuck on or too close to, which opens up our brains to find new and innovative solutions. Last week, I focused on growth, and the response was awesome. So this week I want to share the question I ask to constantly improve one of the most important aspects of any business–customer satisfaction. Too often, with everything we have to do on a daily basis, we can ignore customer satisfaction until something goes wrong. It’s easy to… Keep reading »