The Hunter


I’d like to share an excerpt from our upcoming book about the Entrepreneurial Personality Type. We don’t know exactly what this is yet. Maybe it’s an introduction or part of a chapter. We’d appreciate your feedback to help us decide. Years ago the tribe knew him as The Hunter. You know that guy, right? Can’t sit still, motor always running, catches a wooly mammoth and barely gets him back to the cave before he is already thinking about the next adventure. He rises energized everyday,  sharpens his weapons, and then goes out to meet the sun and whatever perils the day… Keep reading »

Does This Bring Me Joy?

When I ask entrepreneurs why they are in business for themselves two words come up consistently, certainty and freedom. In many ways this is exactly why I went into business however for most of my career my business did anything but create certainty or freedom. Instead with each passing day the level of ambiguity increased, my insecurity grew closer and closer to out of control, and my fear escalated. Early in my career the level of pressure and noise was overwhelming. I experienced rapid and early success and became paranoid about breaking anything. This resulted in me creating a veneer… Keep reading »

How to Create Team Alignment in Your Business


There are many important aspects to building a business. You need to have a viable product, good margins, a method for generating leads, and a system for turning your leads into customers. But I believe one of the most important aspects of any business is having an aligned team. Team alignment occurs when everyone knows where the company is going and how they can help the company get there. When that occurs, everything in your business happens so much faster. Your team gathers an unstoppable momentum and will work beside you to turn your vision into reality. Team alignment comes… Keep reading »

How to Handle Lagging Team Members and Avoid Drag and Heartbreak


As a CEO or entrepreneur, sooner or later you’re going to come across a situation where team member is underperforming. Someone on your team won’t deliver at the level they need to, and he or she will create drag that slows the rest of the team down. This situation is incredibly challenging for everyone. As entrepreneurs, we can be hesitant to address the situation. As human beings, we don’t want to hurt another person or make them feel bad. The reality, however, is that by not addressing the issue, we’re deciding to let that team member fail, and the end… Keep reading »

While You Focus on Your Strengths, Who Does the Rest?


As a CEO and entrepreneur, building a company that supports and helps other entrepreneurs has been a passion of mine. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age. I love business. I love casting a vision, and then building a team and organization that takes that vision and makes it real. So much so, that I get the same (if not more) satisfaction helping others accomplish these things as well. That’s why today, I’ve built a business around what I excel at: helping other entrepreneurs grow and develop their businesses. So when I’m asked, “What makes… Keep reading »