When It Comes To Chaos, It’s All About Perspective.


Do you ever feel like you’re living in the midst of chaos in your business? When we see people operating at the highest performance levels as athletes, performers, even as business owners or entrepreneurs we are often struck by just how easy they make things look. Entrepreneurs tend to idealize other people’s lives then they use this ideal to compare to their own. When we compare ourselves to an ideal, well the results are predictable, the comparison will not go well for us. In the extreme some entrepreneurs and high achievers seek out what they see as the ideal as… Keep reading »

The Simple Phrase to Negotiate Like A Pro


Why is it that most people don’t negotiate? Negotiating on a deal can save you money and ensure that you are getting the most for your dollar. However sometimes, we don’t think to use this tactic when we’re making a big purchase. Why? Even though it seems counterintuitive–why wouldn’t we try to get a better deal for our business? Because in the eyes of many small business owners, negotiating can look like having to bring down Goliath. Sometimes we feel like the opportunity to negotiate isn’t there, or we can feel incredibly awkward trying to do do it. Or other… Keep reading »

Why We Don’t Trust Our Business Solutions…


Why is it so hard for us to decide on a business solution during challenges within our organizations? Cadey and I speak with many business owners everyday who know what they should do, but don’t do it. When talking with them, we will always hear things like, “Oh, I’ve heard of that strategy, but we just aren’t there yet,” or my other favorite, “We’ve been thinking about that, but have not tried it.” Many of these people, like many business owners out there, put off these choices for months–even years! Why? Why is it so hard for us to make… Keep reading »

Cash Flow Woes? Here is the Cure.


Recently Cadey and I had dinner with a good friend of ours who is a brilliant businessperson and someone I have a tremendous amount of respect for. We were having one of those conversations that many of us have had at some point—both parties know that something is wrong, but neither is bringing it up. Finally I asked. He was in a place that many entrepreneurs have been in: cash flow was tight and he was overwhelmed. As we spoke, I picked up on a feeling all too familiar to me. When cash flow or money is a challenge, often… Keep reading »

Even the Best Business Plan can be Derailed by Gossip


The one thing that can derail a business plan is gossip. In our organization, Charfen Institute, we have a “No Gossip” policy. “Gossip” is defined as discussing anything with anyone who cannot solve the problem and any negative talk about a teammate, a customer, or a work issue. Gossip leads to degrading and destructive behaviors. Let me explain: When someone talks to Bob negatively about an issue they had with Susan, rather than talking directly to Susan to resolve the issue or talking to someone who is able to solve the problem–that person is derailing your business by taking time… Keep reading »