Increase Your Bottom Line in Minutes


The goal of every business is profitability. It may not be your only goal—most business owners have larger goals about the impact their companies will have on society—but without profitability, your business simply can’t exist. In any business, there are two ways to make your business more profitable: You can sell more, or you can spend less. After helping hundreds of coaching clients boost their profitability, we’ve found that almost every business is leaking money from three common sources. They’re easy to overlook, so they go unnoticed, and keep draining your profitability every month. Fortunately, the leaks are easy to… Keep reading »

Checking Boxes vs. Getting Results


Call back my top client – check Review marketing emails and tweak – check Tell my assistant to send me her end of day reports – check Does your to do list look something like this? An entrepreneur’s to do list is like my daughters’ Christmas wish lists – never ending!! We focus on that list to define what our next task or project is so we have the satisfaction of checking it off our list. But will checking off those items actually elicit the result we want? Compare checking off your to do list with the famous study by… Keep reading »

Do You Think You’re Micromanaging? Your Team’s Perspective Will Surprise You

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Do you often feel like you are micromanaging your team? Do you think your team would say the same thing? We think not. Our experience with thousands of small business owners tells us entrepreneurs feel like they are, or have the perception they have to micromanage their team to get things done. This is in direct conflict with what entrepreneur’s want to do. Most entrepreneurs want freedom to be creative, generate ideas that eventually build their business. They excitedly hire their team by casting the vision of where they want to be. Their team is thrilled to have the direction… Keep reading »

Setting a Goal Just Isn’t Enough


In today’s culture goal setting is not only common, products are marketed around goals, we have a season for setting goals, many speakers have built their platforms around goals and goal achievement. Why is it that most goals fail? Take a look at New Years–synonymous with goal setting. According to a Wall Street Journal Online and Harris Interactive Health-Care Poll 48%, almost half, of all American’s make New Years Resolutions (goals). The outcome of these resolutions is startling. Professor of Psychology Richard Wiseman conducted a study on New Years Resolutions. He found that only 12% of all the goals set… Keep reading »

When It Comes To Chaos, It’s All About Perspective.


Do you ever feel like you’re living in the midst of chaos in your business? When we see people operating at the highest performance levels as athletes, performers, even as business owners or entrepreneurs we are often struck by just how easy they make things look. Entrepreneurs tend to idealize other people’s lives then they use this ideal to compare to their own. When we compare ourselves to an ideal, well the results are predictable, the comparison will not go well for us. In the extreme some entrepreneurs and high achievers seek out what they see as the ideal as… Keep reading »