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Entrepreneurs drive human evolution. Hunters, inventors, leaders, philosophers and revolutionaries, they may be the most consistent source of positive change throughout history, and they all share common attributes of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). Success leaves clues, and it also draws a pattern. The Evolutionaries features successful entrepreneurs creating momentum in their lives and businesses. On the podcast, Host Alex Charfen takes guests through their own seemingly unconnected stories and shows how they all follow a similar path toward creating their greatest contribution. The show uncovers the entrepreneur’s non-traditional journey and our guests reveal the moment’s in their lives when they… Keep reading »

Overcome Suppression and Labels

When you take 100 kids in grade school, and one of them runs ten percent faster than the others, we know that in this exception, there’s an opportunity. We will spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars ensuring this kid can run faster, jump higher and throw farther than anyone ever has. When a student has the skill of memorizing and repeating back, we reward that student. We make sure they sit in the front of the classroom and nurture their memorization skills by having them compete in spelling bees and academic events. Eventually we will honor that student with… Keep reading »

4 Things We Told The Pentagon with American Dream U


Hundreds of thousands of military members leave service each year and struggle to transition from military life to being a productive and fulfilled civilian. We’ve read the statistics and heard the diagnoses before; we aren’t interested in the marketplace argument. Instead, we want to focus on how we can help transitioning soldiers create momentum, find bigger objectives and take point. We see that soldiers have the skills and traits necessary for entrepreneurship. They’ve lived with extreme pressure and noise, they know how to manage it and move forward. That’s why we support American Dream U.  American Dream U assists military members… Keep reading »

Genius Network: How Entrepreneurs Think


At a recent Genius Network meeting our CEO, Alex Charfen was invited to present “How Entrepreneurs Think” to an elite group of Evolutionaries. Alex has spent his life answering the question “How do you make business grow?” This led to the question “How do you help people grow?” This translated to success far greater than he should have been capable of. His success compelled the discovery of a meta personality type among us: The Entrepreneurial Personality Type. Genius Network is exactly what it sounds like, an exclusive group of geniuses or Entrepreneurial Personality Types who come together to build their… Keep reading »

Meet The Power Players


Here at Charfen we believe discussing, debating and co-creating with People Like Us creates momentum for business. Creating a tribe of forward thinking individuals supports your vision and protects your potential. Our tribe includes fellow Hunter and notorious straight talker, Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur with international leverage. He’s a New York Times best-selling author, speaker and sales expert that has spoken at the Pentagon and has launched training programs across the globe in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and more. His conviction lies in teaching people how to sell themselves, their brand, and their… Keep reading »