The Difference Between Losing and Keeping Clients in One Question


In the last blog post I talked about asking better questions to get better outcomes. Great questions help us think differently about problems we’re stuck on or too close to, which opens up our brains to find new and innovative solutions. Last week, I focused on growth, and the response was awesome. So this week I want to share the question I ask to constantly improve one of the most important aspects of any business–customer satisfaction. Too often, with everything we have to do on a daily basis, we can ignore customer satisfaction until something goes wrong. It’s easy to… Keep reading »

If You Want Better Results, Ask Better Questions


When it comes to planning for growth, it’s easy to get stuck in the same patterns or ways of thinking about growth. Sometimes, to break out of a rut and really take your business where it can go, you have to find a way to interrupt your usual ways of thinking. And the best way to think about something differently is to ask better questions! When it comes to reframing the way we think about growing our companies, there is one question in particular I’ve found to be incredibly effective for changing the dialog. It’s the question that helped Cadey… Keep reading »

Creative Block? Get Moving!


As entrepreneurs, we have to be creative constantly. Creativity allows us to find new ideas, take our business in new directions, find a solution to a difficult problem, start a new product and on and on and on. But sometimes when you sit down to tackle one of these challenges, nothing happens. The cursor blinks. The page stays blank. No matter how hard you try, the creative juices just won’t flow. Creative block affects even the most creative people. As an author and content creator, it happens to me all the time. So what can you do? There’s one method… Keep reading »

Dump Your Baggage To Clear For A Business Takeoff


At this point in 2015, you’ve probably created a few New Year’s resolutions for yourself. You’ve maybe also created an inspiring plan for your business. And that’s great—planning to grow both yourself and your business is exciting. As entrepreneurs, these are things that we *LOVE* to do. But if you’re like most people, you’ve probably stacked these new to-do’s on top of a “someday” list filled with tasks that you’ve needed to get done for a while… And these are the tasks that aren’t as fun to get to. Back payments, owed taxes, getting organized. All of the things you… Keep reading »

Add Energy And Spark To Your Day With… A Meeting


Picture this: At 9:17 each morning, music plays throughout the office. Everyone starts clapping and gathers in the meeting area, excited for a daily morning meeting. Seem impossible that people could be excited about a daily 9am meeting? It’s not! That’s exactly how we kick off each day in our business. We call it our daily huddle, and we’ve been holding one everyday since our company started in 2009. It’s an energetic, music-filled, exciting time for all of us to see each other and have a very effective meeting. In fact, most people here believe it’s the most effective and… Keep reading »