Add Energy And Spark To Your Day With… A Meeting


Picture this: At 9:17 each morning, music plays throughout the office. Everyone starts clapping and gathers in the meeting area, excited for a daily morning meeting. Seem impossible that people could be excited about a daily 9am meeting? It’s not! That’s exactly how we kick off each day in our business. We call it our daily huddle, and we’ve been holding one everyday since our company started in 2009. It’s an energetic, music-filled, exciting time for all of us to see each other and have a very effective meeting. In fact, most people here believe it’s the most effective and… Keep reading »

Performance Reviews: How To Go From Dreadful To Successful


Who doesn’t cringe when they hear “performance review?” If you’ve ever gone through one, you know how unpleasant they can be. And not only are they unpleasant, they are incredibly ineffective! They rarely boost performance, and can actually crush your team member’s creativity and energy. The problem is, because of the way performance reviews are traditionally structured, they end up being a one way dialog. The leader talks at an employee. The employee isn’t engaged in the review; they just want it to be over. However, the whole feeling of a performance review completely transforms when you focus on involving… Keep reading »

So You Want To Build Or Expand Your Team?


We have a saying in our company: “You don’t have awesome companies; you have awesome people.” The people you hire turn your vision into reality, so hiring the right fit for any position is crucial. Hire the wrong person, and not only will you end up wasting months of time and a ton of money; they can damage the culture of your company as well. Too often though I see small business owners and entrepreneurs hire without clear intention, or worse, hire someone just because they were recommended by a friend. Hiring this way shows a complete lack of value… Keep reading »

How One Piece Of Technology Saved Me Hours


Recently, Melissa Murphy, one of our coaches, and I were in Dallas on a consulting engagement. Something happened during that engagement that has completely changed the way I do a daily task that used to frustrate me and take up a ton of my time… During our visit, we attended a morning meeting. At exactly 9:15, everyone’s phone started ringing. That isn’t something you see everyday, so I asked what was going on. One of the executives in the room jokingly said, “None of us could stand dialing into a conference line everyday, so we found a conferencing service that… Keep reading »

Fail Forward is not a Business Plan


I often liken entrepreneurship to jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Instead, you jump with a bunch of raw materials and you scramble to make one before you hit the ground. So the idea of fail fast, fail forward has always made sense to me for young entrepreneurs. In the early stages of a business, there isn’t time or room to be paralyzed by fear. You need to make a decision, take a risk, and run with it. If it works, great. But more often than not, some part of your idea won’t work. So you learn from… Keep reading »