The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Love Cars


As entrepreneurs, freedom has been on our minds for as long as we can remember. Think back to the constraints of childhood: the teachers that didn’t understand us, the awkwardness and bullying, the negative feedback about our ideas. We all found the need to create our own versions and visions of freedom. And if you think about freedom as the solution to constraint, something that holds you back, then freedom is all about moving forward and gaining momentum.  For many entrepreneurs, our first experience of momentum is physical. As kids we could only go as far as our feet could… Keep reading »

Entrepreneurial Breathing Techniques


Entrepreneurs aren’t doing enough breathing. The vast majority of Entrepreneurial Personality Types overlook it, but breathing is the most important skill for regulating success and forward momentum. Most of us walk around taking very short breaths, though we’re not always conscious of it. This is called subsistence or crisis breathing, the kind triggered by stress and our fight-or-flight instinct. It increases anxiousness, restlessness and overall feelings of constraint. By sapping energy and focus, it silently limits our potential throughout each day. It is important to understand that in times of stress or challenge, our breathing has the ability to either… Keep reading »

Are You a Visionary?


Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were all hopeless dreamers before becoming the visionaries we remember them as today. Thomas Edison is famous for saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Before founding Disney studios, Walt Disney’s cartoons were consistently rejected and a reporter once told him he lacked imagination. Henry Ford sunk two business ventures before successfully founding Ford Motors and Steve Jobs was fired from Apple before becoming CEO of the decade. We are still learning from the shortcuts visionaries and evolutionaries have left behind for us — especially… Keep reading »

2 Primal Ways Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress


We all know the feeling. You’re on an airplane, in the grocery store or maybe even sleeping in your own bed when all of a sudden you hear a baby scream. It’s a deafening shriek that makes the hair on your arm stand up. Your heart begins to race, your blood pressure increases and your pupils dilate. Baby screams are evolutionarily designed to trigger our fight-or-flight response, the physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived threat to survival. Even if you’re not a parent, your brain is hard-wired to respond to a baby’s cry, making you more attentive… Keep reading »

The Evolutionaries

The Evolutionaries Logo

Entrepreneurs drive human evolution. Hunters, inventors, leaders, philosophers and revolutionaries, they may be the most consistent source of positive change throughout history, and they all share common attributes of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). Success leaves clues, and it also draws a pattern. The Evolutionaries features successful entrepreneurs creating momentum in their lives and businesses. On the podcast, Host Alex Charfen takes guests through their own seemingly unconnected stories and shows how they all follow a similar path toward creating their greatest contribution. The show uncovers the entrepreneur’s non-traditional journey and our guests reveal the moment’s in their lives when they… Keep reading »