Asking for the Protection and Support You Need


Recently I tore my bicep and during recovery I was unable to work at full capacity. In order for my company to continue growing during this period, I had to ask for a tremendous amount of protection and support on a daily basis.

This was an incredibly difficult adjustment because I’m generally uncomfortable transferring responsibilities or asking for protection and support. To overcome this I started implementing small and daily behavioral changes, so that asking for protection and support became a habit.

Ask for Protection and Support

During a two-week span—and, yes, I kept track—I’ve found I asked for help 25 times.

Twenty-five times I asked someone else to complete a task where I normally would have done it myself. Of those 25 times, 23 went off without a hitch—as if I had done them myself.

Now, the tasks may not have been completed as quickly as I would have liked, but there were no real issues.

This experience allowed me to gain entrepreneurial momentum and become a more constructive and progressive person, so I had to share it with you.

Experiment Exchanging Protection and Support

Knowing that 92% of my tasks can be done effectively through the exchange of protection and support gives me the freedom to stay aware, present, and calmly reflect upon the two tasks that didn’t go perfectly to plan.

Had I tried this experiment a few years ago, I would have probably let the two failures overshadow the 23 successes, tarnishing both the system of asking for and offering protection and support, and the overall work environment. So keep that in mind when you start seeking protection and support. If you do, you’ll undoubtedly have an enlightening experience. Who knows, your team may even surprise you and execute at 100%.

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