Scott Harrison Emerges From the Deep and Serves 5 Million People Clean Water (Part 1 of 2)

Charity: Water has been dubbed the Apple of charities. In under a decade, the non profit organization has served over 5 million people clean water and funded 16,000 sustainable clean water projects. But founder and CEO, Scott Harrison hasn’t always had a clean past. Scott grew up living a severely sheltered childhood and sacrificed normal […]

Jane Barlow is Mother Nature

If mother nature were younger and more attractive her name would be Jane Barlow. Jane owns and runs Barlow Herbal, a company she launched from small family business to National brand name. This isn’t hippy stuff. Barlow Herbal has bridged the gap between natural and allopathic medicine, making its way into homes and doctors’ offices […]

Phil Randazzo Has One Key Piece of Advice For You

When Phil Randazzo was 22 he was living in a friend’s basement, expecting a newborn baby and starting his first business. Today he has ownership interest in or acts as an advisor to over 50 companies and literally has the key to Las Vegas in his pocket. His innate motivation to contribute has driven him […]

Meet the Dream Dealer Steve Sims

With Steve, what you see is what you get. You won’t see him in a suit but his innate motivation has driven him and his team to success. Steve is the founder of Blue Fish, the world’s first luxury concierge service, and Blue Cause, an organization that has raised over half a million dollars for […]