Constructive Company Live


The day is finally here…

I’ve been doing live events for a while now but today’s launch of my Constructive Company live event is especially exciting.

I can already tell this group is going to be special because of the distance some of them traveled to be in attendance.

One person flew in from Norway, another journeyed from Chile and we even have a woman who drove 27 hours from Canada just to be here.

It’s amazing to get the opportunity to speak to such a driven and diverse group of entrepreneurs and I can’t wait to help them move forward in their businesses.

Constructive Company has been a long time in the making and I’m going to be personally teaching business growth and scale strategies that I developed from over 20 years of working with the Fortune 500 and private business owners alike.

Over these next two days, I’ll be providing updates across my social channels as well as email recaps to keep you up-to-date on the event (so head to Facebook and follow me here or here).

It’s going to be fun unveiling this new event and, as always, I appreciate your support.

To thank you for sticking with me, I wanted to give you a new report I recently developed that outlines a few of the concepts i’ll be covering in Constructive Company. So, if you’re interested, click here to download the Billionaire’s Success Framework.

I shared an abridged version of this material as an article in SUCCESS Magazine and the reception was insane (over 50,000 Facebook shares). I hope it helps you create momentum in your life too.

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