It Takes A Bridge To Build A Vision

Remember the last time inspiration hit you in the shower?

I have no idea why, but the shower is when it usually comes to me also!

You know how it feels…

That rush of a new idea, oh how awesome it’s going to be, everyone is going to love this, I can’t wait to tell everyone!!!

Then almost immediately doubt begins to creep in—maybe it isn’t such a great idea.  If it was so awesome, wouldn’t someone have done this already?

At the office you tell someone and they don’t seem excited at all, maybe it really is silly.

And, you have a ton on your calendar today, so let’s get after it!

Then, on the drive home you find yourself thinking, what was that idea I had again?

If the average person has thousands of marketable ideas in their lifetime, just imagine how many an entrepreneur like you must have—hundreds of thousands.

We will talk ourselves out of most of them.

We call this the entrepreneurial spiral.

Does the Entrepreneurial Spiral seem intimately familiar? I know it is for me.

I have had so many different reactions to this concept from:

“I thought I was the only one” to…

“The entrepreneurial spiral is part of my daily routine!”

I haven’t had a single entrepreneur tell me they just didn’t relate.

Let me know what you think. Will this information help you with awareness and possibly a shot at reversing the spiral?

I will be checking on your answers.

With gratitude,


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