Entrepreneurial Personality Type: The e-book


I have some exciting news to share with you and it involves you getting something for free … but first, a little backstory.

As a blog reader, you’ve been with me since the beginning. Every week, I’ve tried to share insights with you about the EPT and helpful tactics for improving your life and business, because helping people find momentum is my passion.

I’ve been able to have amazing interactions with wildly successful entrepreneurs over the years, and it has taught me so much about myself, that I feel like it’s my responsibility to share these experiences so that people like me can find the success they’re looking for.

See, growing up, no one wrote books that were geared toward me and the struggles I had in making sense of the world. The only thing people could tell me was that I had special needs or required medication. But over the years, I discovered that many of the most influential people on the planet shared the same attributes I had. They’d simply learned to transform those perceived weaknesses into strengths.

I’ve also been able to do this in my own life—but it took me years. If someone had only consolidated all of this information for me in the beginning, the process could have been far easier and faster. I want to help people discover and amplify their own strengths today so they can build and sustain momentum throughout their lives.

And that’s why I wrote my book: “Entrepreneurial Personality Type”: your guide to the most important and misunderstood personality type among us.

At first, this small book was only intended for 500 pre-selected guardians to share with whomever they thought could benefit from it. But as these 500 copies made their way to dozens of countries throughout the world, and were shared with more and more people, I realized something: the EPT message was changing lives and more people needed to hear it.

So, I decided to make it 100% free and accessible to anyone on the planet. All you have to do is download my book and discover what understanding the EPT can do for you. As a blog reader, you already have a general understanding of what this means. And I promise, after reading this book, you’ll finally have the tactics you need to make the most of your strengths and achieve what you want out of life. Please, give it a read and share it with someone who needs it. Let’s see how big this movement can get.

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