How To Hold Monthly Meetings


Give me your knee-jerk reaction to the word “meeting”…

Is it dread? Stress? Boredom? Irrelevance?

I just got back from an amazing time at the Genius Network Annual Event. I’m excited to get things going back at the office, and as it turns out, today we hold our company’s Monthly Meeting (we call it our Monthly Targeted Interaction, or TI for short). So I thought I’d share some important perspectives on meetings.

For the companies I run, it’s important to me that meetings don’t elicit any of the feelings I typically associated with traditional meetings. I want team members to participate, be excited and come prepared to every TI we hold.

Here are three simple ways I make sure the company’s Monthly TIs are effective ( I provide these concepts and tactics in depth in my Constructive Company Online™ training):

Schedule in Advance

I always make sure Monthly TIs are on the calendar 60 days out so that team members can have the proper expectations and time to prepare.

Prime the Team

Leading up to the Monthly TI, I send out an email reminder 7 days in advance so that everyone can have time to prepare their metrics. Then, I send out another reminder the day before and also mention the TI in our Daily Huddle.  

Choreographed Interaction

The Monthly TI happens the same way every time. Once your framework for these meetings has been set in stone, it can become a ritual for your company that gets faster, easier and more effective as time goes on.

For my company, Each Monthly TI follows this framework:

  • Quickly review the intention and outcome of the meeting to make sure we accomplish what we wanted to get done
  • Discuss the overall Vision of the company. Each person gets one minute to give their thoughts
  • Look at our Critical Number (the primary metric we watches to know if we’re winning)
  • Review previous 30-Day Goals to see where we succeeded or fell short.
  • Establish new 30-Day Goals
  • Establish ownership of each 30-Day Goal

I’ve found the less structure you have for the Targeted Interaction, the more pressure and noise it raises for your team. This, in turn, ultimately slows down everything for the company.

I see it as my job to make these Targeted Interactions as efficient and effective as possible. I want my team to be able to focus on their work without being blind-sided by ad hoc or unscheduled meetings. If you want your company to find momentum, I encourage you to do the same!

With gratitude,

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