Think Clarity, Not Conflict, and Resolve Issues Faster

Remember the last time you were in a situation where you had to make the hard call, have the tough conversation, confront someone you work with?

If you’re like most of us, anything that feels like it might create conflict goes to the bottom of your list and stays there for a while.

Don’t feel bad about this; there are very few people in the world who truly like conflict.  I have met some of them, and needless to say I did not hang around for long!

Even with those people, however, I have a strategy that works to move through—certainly not around—conflict to get the results you want.

With this strategy, it’s easier for you to make the call, have the talk, or finally bring up what you have been avoiding.

If you see conflict coming and avoid it, then this episode of my blog is precisely for you!

It really is true, if all we see is conflict we are right.

It’s estimated that more than 70% of conflicts in business are due to a misunderstanding or…

Lack of clarity.

By thinking clarity, not conflict, we lower the stakes, calm the emotions, go from our boxing gloves to our problem solving hats, and move forward fast.

What do you think?

Would thinking clarity instead of conflict work for you?

More importantly, is there a potential conflict in your life you are avoiding?

Approach it seeking clarity and let us know how it goes!

With gratitude,


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