Want Momentum? Live Above the Line

Have you ever read a book that had a huge impact on your life?

What was the moment in that book that you remember vividly?

More importantly, did it change your behavior?

One of my absolute, all-time favorite books is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. One of the quotes from the book that I love (and there are tons) is “thoughts become things.”

It totally changed the way I do things, and the way I think about things.

See, perception is such a critical factor in determining your outcome, your success.

So let me talk about a bad habit we all fall into without even knowing it: blame.

I’ll bet you’ve fallen into it too. It’s OK. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

Blame is damaging because it does the opposite of empower us. Blame looks backwards. But I’m here to tell you today that there is a way to avoid blame. It’s called responsibility.

By putting responsibility over blame, you can not only take back your life, you’re your future too.

It’s a simple model:




The next time you want to blame the weather or traffic or the dog or whatever, remember you’re focusing on the past rather than focusing on the possibility of the future.

Responsibility looks forward. Responsibility is empowering. You take the same circumstances, and instead of blaming something out of your control, you look at what you can control.

And remember, it starts with the language you use:

Blame—I need to, I should have, I deserve

Responsibility—I want to, I will, I have earned

See the difference?

The former focuses on the past, the latter focus on the future. I can tell you from firsthand experience that by living in responsibility, things change.

In three years, my wife Cadey and I went from broke to owning a company that hit #21 on the Inc. 500. We chose responsibility over blame.

Next time you feel yourself slipping into blame, stop and ask yourself: “Is this something I can control and take responsibility for? How can I move forward?” Doing so will change the entire dynamic.

But don’t take it from me. Think about the last time you took responsibility, and how much it propelled you forward. Now get some more leverage by sharing it with others here or anywhere, and reinforce that moment.

I can’t wait to hear about your success!

With gratitude,


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