Transformational Leadership For Entrepreneurs

How To Stop Managing and Start Leading

Alex Charfen teaching the principles of transformational leadership at a live event

  Leadership. It’s a topic that’s been debated for as long as people have needed leaders. Most of these debates revolve around the same questions: What are the main characteristics a leader should possess? Where does the ability to lead come from? Are people born with it or is it learned? As a consultant to […]

How To Hold Monthly Meetings

  Give me your knee-jerk reaction to the word “meeting”… Is it dread? Stress? Boredom? Irrelevance? I just got back from an amazing time at the Genius Network Annual Event. I’m excited to get things going back at the office, and as it turns out, today we hold our company’s Monthly Meeting (we call it […]

Roles Don’t Matter

Roles create constraint. Sometimes that’s a good thing. An iPhone design engineer doesn’t need to make decisions about Apple’s corporate structure. But then … one of the primary reasons people like us start our own businesses is because it allows us to choose how the company is run. We get the opportunity to adapt and […]

The 3 Questions Brilliant Children Need To Hear

  Are you raising a brilliant child? Brilliant children are often sensitive and highly verbal (when encouraged and supported). They tend to notice things that other kids/people don’t see. They’re full of energy, do things their own way and are highly driven to pursue their interests. But brilliant children also tend to communicate differently. They’re […]