Ask and You Will Achieve

by Alex Charfen
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I’ve been called a lot of things over my lifetime—obsessive, pushy, aggressive, and sometimes worse. 

Growing up, I was always told I asked too many questions in class or was too insistent on having things my way. 

After years of consulting successful entrepreneurs, I realized something – nearly every single one of them had similar experiences in their childhoods.

Over time, all those instances of being told to be quiet, calm down or stop asking questions add up. And it can have a negative effect on our ability to lead a team as entrepreneurs. 

See, what happens is – we learn to hide our true emotions

We become conditioned to not asking for what we need. Because when we do ask for what we need, we feel exposed.

So many entrepreneurs I’ve met aren’t moving forward because they won’t ask the right people for what they need. As a result, their team doesn’t know how to support them. The ironic part about this is Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPTs) need more protection and support to accomplish our goals than the average person.

Asking For What You Need

So, how do we learn to ask for what we really need and communicate clearly with those around us?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic solution to this. It’s something that can be difficult to do. But the most important step to improving this skill is understanding the importance of transparent communication.

We have to come to terms with the fact that failing to ask for what we need can often be the only thing holding us back from reaching our potential.

No one ever accomplished anything truly great by themselves. You need a team of people behind you. And you can’t fully leverage that team unless you know how to communicate your needs to them clearly. 

So, don’t let your personal fears or ego hold you back from success. Ask your team for what you really need, and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve together.

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