Don't Let Ego Get in the Way of Contribution

by Alex Charfen
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“If it's gonna be done right, it has to be done by me.”

“I've never met someone who can do this as well as me.”

“I could never manage someone to do this.”

I can't tell you how many times I've heard entrepreneurs make statements like this over the years.

It's one of the most common problems people like us have with running a business. 

Although it feels like we're doing the right thing by taking responsibility for everything, we're actually letting our ego get in the way of contribution…

So why is this important?

Well, when we put ourselves in charge of every single role within a company, we're saying that we're better than everyone else at doing that certain thing. 

But the most successful people in the world – even the billionaires I've met and worked with – don't think that way. 

They learn to remove their ego from the areas it doesn't belong. 

They're confident that there are others out there who can do certain things better than they can, and they don't let their pride get in the way of short-term tactics. 

Instead, they focus their ego where it's important…the outcome.

Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPTs) like us often pursue difficult tasks. We feel like we need to make sacrifices and struggle for success… 

But the truth is we're far more effective when we work in our strengths. The tasks we enjoy and excel at are usually the tasks that will create the most momentum for ourselves and our businesses.

Try asking yourself these questions: How many tasks have you put yourself in charge of? And how many of those tasks are within your strengths? 

If you've taken over a task that is a daily struggle for you, it might be time to ask for protection and support so that you can use your time and energy more effectively.

P.S. – A lot of what I shared today is covered in my book, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type. If you want help understanding yourself and other EPT's around you better, this is a must-read. Just go to, pay for shipping, and your copy will be delivered soon! 

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