Entrepreneurs Are Different... There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

by Alex Charfen
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When protected and supported, our attributes develop into unique abilities and often create unexpected, world-changing outcomes. When entrepreneurs are suppressed, the same qualities can appear destructive or as a disorder. For this reason, it is crucial for us Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPT’s) and those around us to have a clear understanding of the attributes driving our behavior and our perspectives. The EPT is not a vision I have for the future or a reflection or what could be. The EPT has been evident throughout history in the biographies, letters, writings, and what famous leaders have left behind.

I believe understanding our personality type is critical to our future success. We are a misunderstood sub-population driving human evolution.

Throughout this article, you may feel a connection to something that was missing in your life. 

You may even realize that you have been suppressing your attributes.

It's unfortunate, and far too common among entrepreneurs. My hope in discovering and sharing the EPT is that it illuminates a singular message for every one of us across the world. Know that there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone.

The greatest EPT's throughout the world and in history have been left without enough resources, stuck in the wrong situations without the right skills and not the correct abilities. Yet, they have been able to change the course of human evolution as we know it.

Beethoven was a perfect example of this. He can change your mood and change your perspective with a single song, yet he couldn't hear the very music he wrote. It wasn't an ideal situation, but Beethoven still carried on. It was possible because of the way he was hardwired, just like you and me. 

Let’s talk about a few of the most notable modern entrepreneurs. Richard Branson is well known for being dyslexic. In fact, when I met Daymond John, who created Fubu, a multi-billion dollar company, we sat down for lunch, and he turned to me and asked me to read the menu because he said it would have taken him 45 minutes due to his dyslexia.

Society paints this awful picture that if you don’t fit, you don’t look like someone else, or show up like everyone else… then you are broken. They say that you’re wrong, you have a disability, you have a disease. They want to diagnose or medicate. We should correct you because fundamentally, you are wrong.

These qualities that society perceives as being fundamentally incorrect are the exact qualities that will change the world. 

I think of a friend of mine, Jon Morrow. He's one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I've ever spoken with. He has taught millions of people how to write better. He's one of the most well-known bloggers on the planet. But Jon is a unique individual, because the only ability he has to move, at all, is his face. He navigated the entire world by blowing through a straw and literally can only move a small portion of his face to do everything that he needs to do.

One day we were having a conversation about EPT's and our unique qualities…and he said something that shocked me, “You know Alex, I've felt different my entire life, and it has nothing to do with being in the chair.”

People like us know we're different. We've always known we weren't like those around us and even if we can't move, if we're confined to a wheelchair, if all we can do is move our face, like Jon, we still get up every day and press forward. As EPT's, we live in momentum and strive to change the world.

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