Expressing Momentum

by Alex Charfen
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People are different. 

We all have different ways of talking, walking, and thinking.

Not to mention our different habits, attitudes, and expressions. 

Now I know that I’m not surprising anyone with those groundbreaking statements, but I bring it up for a specific purpose… 

Our differences are profound, and those differences carry over to entrepreneurship. 

As entrepreneurs, many of us have different experiences, management styles, perspectives, attitudes, and aims. 

We also have different ways of expressing our momentum. 

I know that we've talked about momentum at length before…

Like how to gain it, lose it, and how to express it both internally and externally. 

To build it, we need a compelling destination – a driving force, a vision. To maintain it, we need to be entirely driven, almost obsessively, where each action is taken with the purpose of bringing our end goal that much closer. 

But now, let's discuss how we actually express our momentum… 

Because the healthy expression of momentum is vital to the health of your business. 

And entrepreneurs – at their core, are momentum-based beings. 

When momentum is expressed constructively, pride swells, confidence soars, and we work with greater energy. 

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – when negative momentum is expressed, self-serving behaviors increase, attitudes sink, and productivity tanks. 

Like it or not, you are responsible for how you express your momentum to the outside world – especially when that outside world consists of employees looking up to you for strong leadership. 

Here's a takeaway you can't afford to miss… 

We aren't responsible for how we experience momentum, but we are responsible for how we express it.

Everyone endures peaks and valleys of momentum. It's a fact of life. 

So we must be respectful of those around us when we are down or upset. We can't let our “bad day” affect someone else's good one. 

I want you to think back to a time you recently sank into a bout of negativity. 

How did you let it manifest? Did you allow it to contaminate your home or work environment? 

I remember my early days in business… 

Looking back now, I realize I was a terror to work with. I expressed my momentum so poorly that I churned through nine assistants within my first 12 months at one company.

Today, I have long-term employees. I have a fluid, fully functional team that rarely argues, and we're like that because we keep the workplace free of negativity. 

Because we all take responsibility for how we express our personal and professional momentum, the only challenges we ever have to deal with are those created by people who want to help more, learn more, and get our business where it needs to be.

And those are the best challenges to have. 

When you're ready, discover and improve the momentum in your life with our Momentum Masterclass. 

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