Why Morning Walks Change Things


What do the vast majority of questions I receive at live events have to do with?

Lowering Pressure and Noise

This is the most widespread issue entrepreneurs face and it’s extremely important. How do we decrease the amount of operational drag in our lives so that we can put our full attention and maximum effort into the things that matter?

This is something I work on with all of my clients and I always start off by getting them to focus on the little things—the daily routines and habits that ensure we’re locked in and ready to give the day everything we’ve got.

These routines are so important, in fact, that I’ve decided to make lowering Pressure and Noise a weekly blog topic that I’ll discuss every Thursday. And there’s no better place to kick this off than with…

The Morning Routine

The morning routine has been an important staple of successful entrepreneurs’ lives for as long as there have been entrepreneurs. It’s something that I’ve developed down to an exact science in my own life. People ask me about my morning routine all the time. So, I thought I’d share some of it with you so that you could try implementing these practices into your own morning routine.

For me, one of the most important parts of my routine is the morning walk. Every single day, I wake up early, hyperhydrate and walk outside for 20 minutes. For years, science has shown that walking can have long-term effects on dopamine levels and mood throughout the day. But there are a few elements that I’ve added to my 20-minute walks that really amplify the benefits.

Wear proper footwear

I always wear vibrams on my morning walks because they allow my feet to respond naturally to the ground. These shoes open up the muscles in my feet, legs and back so that I can start the day off without stiffness. Feet have the highest concentration of nerve sensitivity in the body and you’ll be amazed by what walking on multi-plane surfaces with minimalist shoes can do for your posture and alignment.

Lower artificial stimulation

I wear blue blocking goggles before stepping outside so that natural light is the first thing my eyes are exposed to. This may sound a bit “out-there,” but I promise you’ll be able to feel the physiological response from your body.

Focus on your breathing

During my morning walk, I always try to inhale for 7 seconds and exhale 7 seconds through the nose. This type of intentional breathing puts the optimal amount of oxygen into the bloodstream and will heighten your awareness for the coming day.

I hope these tips were helpful for you. I’ll be sharing more life hacks and rituals in the coming weeks so that you too can lower the pressure and noise in your life. Be sure to let me know if this tip helped you in the EPT Facebook Group!

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