The Importance of Self-Worth

by Alex Charfen
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“Your income will never exceed your self-worth.”

I heard Robin Sharma say this at the Titan Summit last December, and it has stuck with me ever since. 

I think the reason it resonated so strongly with me is that it highlights something that many entrepreneurs overlook: their self-worth.

Finding success in business has a lot to do with how much you believe in yourself. Although this sounds obvious, I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs I've seen struggle because they either didn't know who they were, or they were trying to be something they weren't.

So, how can entrepreneurs improve their self-worth? I have two perspectives that can help…

1 – Be Authentic

Being yourself is vital for entrepreneurs. Because when we try to dress or behave in ways that other people think we should, we're telling ourselves that who we are as a person might not be enough – which isn't true. Not to mention that when we establish a false identity as a foundation for our business, it's much harder to find momentum. 

So the biggest lesson here…be yourself and be authentic! 

2 – The Five Currencies

With my coaching clients, I often talk about the Five Currencies – money, time, effort, energy, and focus. Looking at life through this lens helps people identify where they're not spending enough in their businesses and relationships. But these currencies can also be applied to personal growth.

As entrepreneurs, we often forget to spend currencies on ourselves—we barely sleep to keep projects on track, binge on junk food for convenience, refuse time off, ignore stress, the list goes on. I've noticed that once people start devoting more currencies on themselves, they're often surprised by how much their self-worth and productivity increases. But if you struggle with this, know that you're not alone. It's hard for entrepreneurs at any level. Recognize this is something you have to work on, and when you do,  it will pay off in more ways than one. 

Another thing I've found that helps is really understanding who you are. 

I think reading my book, The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, would benefit you. 

If you want a free copy, just go to, pay for shipping, and your book will be on its way. 

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