Why Protecting Your Team Can Cripple Your Business

by Alex Charfen
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One of the biggest things that keeps me up at night is when I meet someone who views leadership in the wrong light. Specifically, someone who consistently practices bad habits with their team…

I've noticed that most of the people who have a negative impact on their team don't intend to do so. They often don't even know they're doing it. 

So why do they do it? 

It's because they've been conditioned to think incorrectly about their role as a leader.

The most common example of this comes up when business owners or team leaders encounter a problem either in their personal lives or careers. 

For several people, their first reaction when this happens is to keep it to themselves and not let the team know about the issue. They feel that they're protecting the team from the problem so that everyone can work efficiently without having to worry about it.

The problem is…when entrepreneurs don't tell their team what's really going on, they're taking full responsibility for any solution that can be made. 

Doing so creates a situation where the team has no way of contributing to the solution. 

In fact, the team can often tell that something is wrong, but mistakenly think that they're the problem, even if that's not the case. This leads to a distracted, fearful environment in which everyone has a hard time moving forward.

Although it can be difficult to share problems with your team, transparency is vital. 

For years, I've gone into meetings with entrepreneurs who are about to come clean to their team about the issues facing their business. Every time, they're scared and hesitant to do so. But each time, they're also glad they did it because everyone gains clarity around what's happening. Then they figure out a way to move forward, together.

You see, when you share issues with your team, you empower them to help you work through them. You also start to build your company around yourself. 

Getting the protection and support you need from a team that is fully invested in the outcomes of your company is crucial to achieving your goals.

Another way to get protection and support is by joining a group of people who share your same challenges and goals. 

Reach out to us at https://billionairecode.com/apply-now so we can match you to one of our programs. That way, you can be surrounded by people just like you. 

Remember – we all move forward faster, together.  

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