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Plan Strategically​
Communicate Clearly​
Develop Systems + Processes​
The 5 Reasons Why Companies That Should Scale, Don't

Discover the 5 reasons why companies that should scale, don't. This E-Book is for businesses who are acquiring customers and creating a positive impact but find themselves unable to grow. Learn how to overcome these obstacles so you can move forward and scale your business.


Do you struggle with...


Hands down, this is the best content I've ever seen for entrepreneurs.

Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels

take back control of your business by implementing our systems.

Faster Business Growth

Apply simple systems that make business growth accelerated and predictable.

Build A Team of True Believers

Hire and successfully onboard people who believe in you and the organization.

Get Your Time Back

Leverage your time, team, and focus so you can live in your strengths.

What Makes Charfen So Unique?

At CHARFEN, we teach entrepreneurs how to stop acting as transactional managers and instead, turn into transformational leaders. We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs massively increase their revenues, grow their teams, and scale their businesses using our processes and systems.

We walk our talk. If we are suggesting our clients implement a system or structure, it’s because we already have it in place for our business, and it works. We know how hard it is to create a strategic plan and build infrastructure in your business. We’ve made it our mission to help entrepreneurs create momentum and install the foundation needed to achieve the impact they want on their market.

Lastly, we tailor everything to the Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT). We focus solely on high performers and how we can help them achieve their greatest contribution. If you’re an EPT, welcome home.

Don't Wait to scale your business.

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CHARFEN’s battle-tested process which shows you the systems, processes and mindset you need in your business to not only survive but even thrive in any market.