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Small Business Update: The Latest Stimulus Details and Changes to PPP Loans

by Alex Charfen


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Episode Description

Small Business Update: The Latest Stimulus Details and Changes to PPP Loans I don’t know about you but accounting has been one of the most frustrating things for me in 20 years of running businesses.

That's why it has been so incredible to work with Pam.
She has given me a sense of calm.
Pam IS an entrepreneur.
She understands me; she anticipates what I'm going to need next, and I don't know that I've ever been as confident in my books as I am right now. The dynamic, informative, and deeply experienced opposite of the stereotypical green-eyeshade accountant.Pam is the author of “Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owners”; with a reputation as the Entrepreneur's Go-to CFO. Today she is joining us to talk about all of the updates taking place with the current PPE loans.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will re-open the week of January 11 for new borrowers and certain existing PPP borrowers.
To promote access to capital, initially, only community financial institutions will be able to make First Draw PPP Loans on Monday, January 11, and Second Draw PPP Loans on Wednesday, January 13.
The PPP will open to all participating lenders shortly thereafter.
You will want to tune if you are wanting to learn more about the most recent stimulus package and how it can impact small business owners.
– The new money that is available to small businesses through the government
– What you need to do to qualify for it
– What is happening with regards to the forgiveness on the original loans

Ask your questions live and if you are watching this on a replay DO NOT hesitate in asking your questions below as Pam will be around this week to ensure your questions are answered.
We dive deeper into the conversation as a group here:
Learn more about Pam here:

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