Momentum Podcast: 721

I Got Rid of Commissions and This is What Happened...

by Alex Charfen


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Episode Description

About ten months ago, I had an idea… (An idea that is practically unheard of in business and would go against all industry standards) I wanted to eliminate high-pressure sales and commission-based sales reps in our company. Instead, I wanted to create a purely consultative sales experience with our Coaches and zero commissions.

Alex Charfen, a business growth coach who helps entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses, gives practical, tangible, and actionable tips that you can implement into your business right now.

When I shared this with a few close friends, they told me I was crazy, it wouldn’t work, and it was impossible… Still, I had this firm belief that it could work and my team stood behind me. The results have been incredible and far beyond what I expected.

By the end of this episode of the Momentum Podcast, you will learn how:
– We immediately started converting more when we removed the commission and pressure. Ten months later, we are exceeding the golden standard for high ticket conversions.
– Removing commission sales and putting genuine consultative sales in place has completely shifted everything for our company. It’s increased the number of people coming into our high ticket programs, improved our delivery, adoption rate, and retention rate.
– If you’ve been struggling with sales or felt frustrated with your commission sales process, this approach offers a different option and way to look at things.

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Coaches or consultants on your team could be the best sales closers you have. You might not need all the persuasion or pressure to get the right people into your programs. Joining me today are two of our Coaches, Nicole Zeien-Cox and Stephanie Mondragon. I wanted you to hear from them firsthand what this process looks like and how they approach sales with our members.

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