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Part 1: 5 Reasons Why Companies That Should Scale, Don't: Strategic Plan

by Alex Charfen

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In our analysis and review of 100's of companies, we have discovered the 5 reasons why companies who should scale, don't. This episode, Strategic Plan, is part 1 of the 5 part series. 

A lot of businesses out there should be growing faster. One reason they aren't is due to not having a strategic plan. Without one, you are guessing at productivity. Having a strategic plan is the gateway to fast growth and scale in a business. When you have a plan, you will have fewer distractions, your team will be out in front of you, and you will gain perspective as the entrepreneur in charge. Having this new system in place will allow you to plan for the future while your company grows predictably. 

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All right. What's up? I am going lab here on my personal page, but I'm also going to go live on my public profile because I'm recording a new part of our content here called, um, and we need some help with this title. So if you've got a better title, put it in the comments below, but it's the five reasons why companies they should scale, don't scale. And I'm really excited to be sharing this with you. In fact, let me get this started here on my, um, yeah, public profile page and let's get this going. So I'm about to start and then go live here.


Hey there. Thanks for joining me. Uh, that's there on my shoulder there. So, uh, I'm really excited to be here with you today. What I want to share is a body of content that we are working on as a company. It's all about scaling and growing your business. And really what I want to share today is the five reasons why companies that should scale don't scale. And there's five of them. And so here's who this is for. If you've created an opportunity in your business, if you know you could be doing more, if you could be doing more with better team, with more infrastructure, if you know the opportunity's there and you also know that you're being held back. That's why I'm recording this video today. I want to share it with you. I want to share this content with you and help you move forward and grow your business because there's an epidemic today.

There's a massive, massive issue out there. There are so many, um, entrepreneurs that should be growing their businesses that should be scaling, but for one reason or another, they're not. And here's why. They're typically not scaling just cause they're missing one of these five things. So again, if you're one of those entrepreneurs that knows you could be doing more, you're leaving money on the table, there's more opportunity there. You're not taking advantage as much of, as much as you can. Let me help you because all of these issues are completely solvable. And here's the reality. Every single day we are working with entrepreneurs around the world to get past these five issues and to grow. And scale their businesses like crazy. In fact, Mike, so many things, these issues that stopped people from growing. If you solve them, it's like a massive slingshot for your business.

It will pull you back. You let it go and you will go nuts Bekah and you'll grow like crazy because when you have these things in your business, your business grows faster. So let's talk about the five reasons that companies don't scale. So number one, the first thing that holds companies back and makes it so that they don't scale, they don't create momentum, is that they don't have a strategic plan. Having a strategic plan changes everything. In fact, planning in general, having a plan for the business, having to plan with the you share with everybody will change everything in your company and move you forward like crazy. However, there's an issue with planning. I want to share with you the epiphany that I've had about planning that has changed everything for me. Now let's get really clear on this. Entrepreneurs do plan because we want certainty.

Hey Jody, thanks for being here. Um, let me explain to you what I mean by that. We are evolutionary hunters. We are that small percentage of the population that get up every morning, travel into the future, create a new reality, come back to the present and insist it becomes real. That journey that we take is intense and that journey is going out to get certainty in the future. Now, here's the challenge with planning as an evolutionary hunter. When we sit down to plan, here's what we are actively admitting. When we sit down to plan the future, we're admitting we don't know the future, so it creates this ambiguity crates as discomfort. In fact, most entrepreneurs experience massive discomfort and planning. It's part of the reason why so few of us actually have a strategic plan in our business. Now, when you have a strategic plan, here's what changes.

Is there discomfort in planning? Yes. Even I feel it and I teach entrepreneurs how to do this. I sometimes get frustrated and I get a reactive and just going into a planning meeting sometimes can get me triggered because I have to remember or remind myself, hey, you don't know the future right now. That's why you're triggered. However, when you do have a plan, here's what happens. If you don't have a strategic plan that you are the biggest bottleneck because every person on your team has, sorry, I got a phone call there. In order to know what happens next, in order to grow, every member of your team has to pass through you. They have to ask you the question that I have to find out from you, and then you can't grow because you are the biggest bottleneck. When you create a strategic plan, here's what happens.

You get your team out in front of you and they can start making it happen. Now, here's what's interesting. Most entrepreneurs are using some form of the following planning method, a big vision that they share with people and then some type of process to get there. But nobody really has anything in between. Here's what we love you back to you. Um, here's what we need to have as entrepreneurs is if we have a strategic plan that everyone on our team understands, here's what happens. That trip that we take out into the future, create a new reality, come back to the present and make it real. We are now sharing that trip with everybody on our team. We're sharing that strategic plan. Thanks Neil, and good to see your brother were sharing that strategic plan with our entire team. We're taking them on that journey with us and then here's what happens back in the present.

Our team can grow as fast as we want. Our team can execute with us. When we have a strategic plan, we can grow much faster and so when you have a clear strategic plan that the whole team understands, everything changes, the team gets into momentum and you feel the speed of having a team that actually knows where they're going. Now here's what happens when you don't have it. When you, when you don't have a strategic plan, the team lacks initiative. Here's what you will think about your team. You'll think, why don't they work harder? Why don't they try harder? Why don't they take initiative while they don't take initiative? Because they can't see the future like you do. You have to tell them the future in order for them to be successful. When you don't have a strategic plan, um, people need to be told what to do it guys, this is just logic.

If you don't have a strategic plan, you will be a transactional manager. That means you will tell people what to do. Check that it got done, tell him what to do again. Now when you have a plan, you can switch into transformational leadership. You go from to do, checked it, it got done. Tell him what to do again to giving people clear outcomes. That's a strategic plan. Coaching their success along the way because you both know where you're going and then you'll get leveraged results. Trans transactional management crushes us. Telling people what to do all the time. Micromanaging makes us feel like we're going to go crazy. Having Clear Outcomes, coaching success along the way and getting leveraged results is what you and I were built for it. So when you have a strategic plan that puts us in our power position, it lets us be the leaders that we should be.

So when you have a plan, the team gets out in front of you, the the team gets better every day because they have clarity, confidence, and that leads to a commitment to doing an even better job for you and for your business. And there's less interruptions. There's less questions about what to do. There's way more productivity. So if you want your team to be effective, efficient, have more productivity, a strategic plan gets you there and you have to have a plan in order to make this really work. If you want this to really get your business into momentum, make sure your strategic plan is distributed to everyone and it's easy to understand, impossible to misunderstand. If you don't have a strategic plan, you will remain the biggest bottleneck in your business and your team will knock it into maximum momentum. Do me a favor. If the first reason was important to you, if this felt good to you, share this right now and do, do me another favor.

Give me a comment. Tell me where you are watching this from. I love to know where people are watching from. So please share this if you're willing and give me a comment below as to where you are. Let me share with you the second reason out of five, the companies that should scale don't. Now this is a big one, a communication system. The biggest issue in small business by far, the source of most issues in small business, the source of most issues in relationships, the source of most issues with between human beings. Are you ready for it? It's communication. Why? Because we don't have systems for communication, especially in a business. So one of the biggest issues that you have in business is when you don't have a communication system. The team doesn't know what to expect. The team doesn't know when they're going to hear from you.

In fact, they're often waiting for word from on high. Check this out. Here's the epiphany I had about this one. This was a big one. You know, when I was younger I learned that I had to have a communication system because I used to avoid meetings like crazy. I didn't want to be in meetings. I didn't want to have meetings. I didn't want to schedule meetings when I saw meetings on my calendar used to make me physically uncomfortable and when everyone knows what, but when everyone knows what's going on, when you have a communication system that's consistent, when everyone's kept in the loop, when everyone knows what's happening in the business, here's what happens. The epiphany I had is that problems and pressure and noise go down like crazy. In fact, one of the reasons that when we are working with new entrepreneurs in our systems, one of the reasons they explode and start growing like crazy and like they literally sometimes or like they're shot out of a cannon, their businesses started growing so quickly is because for the first time in the history of their company, everyone in the business understands what's going on and communication issues go away.

One of the biggest, again, biggest issue, biggest issue in business, biggest issue, the biggest causing problems. 99% of them are communications issues. You track things down, you have communications issues, so here's what type of a communication system you need. You need everyone in the business to understand the true strategic plan. You need each individual to know their outcomes, their personal accountability, and what is their scoreboard, what are you using to see if they're successful and you need outcomes, accountability and scoreboards for each person, for each department and for the entire company. So person, position, department and company. Clear outcomes, accountability and scoreboards. Now, here's what it feels like when you don't have these things. One, there's constant miscommunication and frustration. In fact, you'll start to feel like, hey, that was a good team member. Why aren't they good anymore? What's happening to them? Why are they falling apart?

You will have emotional overwhelm as the entrepreneur. You want to really get real about what it feels like when you don't have a communication system. Since the whole team has come in to you since you're overwhelmed, since you're getting too many inquiries, it will cause massive emotional overwhelm for the entrepreneur in charge, and here's what it will feel like. When you look at your team, you'll feel like your team doesn't take initiative. You'll feel like it seems like everything moves too slow. You'll wonder what everybody's doing. In fact, I actually have entrepreneurs tell me like sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think to myself, what is my team doing? And it like makes you a little cuckoo because if you don't have a communication system, you really don't know what everybody is doing. And here's a big one. When you don't have the communication system, you will lose good team members because here's what happens.

Projects get behind. The communication's not there. And then what happens guys? We all know what entrepreneurs do. You have to pull like a war room. All hands on deck. Let's save this. Somebody needs to be a hero and everyone has to work like work. Come in early, get stuff done. Why? Because there's no communication system telling people what's going on. Here's what it feels like when you do have a communication system. One, communication mistakes and issues go down to a minimum. It's glorious. You stop having to hear about how everybody's frustrated and the business. Jody, I appreciate you brother. Um, thanks for sharing this. When you do have a communication system, here's what's incredible. Not only do you get more projects done, you get more projects done faster, and when there's a communication system, there's less hassle for your team. Everyone on the team is more efficient and they get better at what they do.

The team collectively gets more done. I mean, this is exciting. When you have a communication system, the team collectively gets more done and they understand you better. And here's what's interesting. When the team knows when they're going to hear from you, how they're going to hear from you and what they're going to hear from you, this is incredible, but they feel like they're in momentum and they are no longer are waiting for word from on high. Your team actually gets better. The team members get better, they're more productive, they support each other more. They get into bigger and better momentum. If you want each person in your business to be in momentum, put in a communication system where they know their outcome, that what they're accountable for and the perspective you're using to see if they're successful, the entire business will explode. That was number two, the communication system.

So first is strategic planning too is communication system. The third one is, and this is a big one, appropriate process documentation. Here's the epiphany I had on this one. I always felt like slowing down to document processes slow down the business too much. I always felt like it pulled us back too much. I felt like, Hey, if we just keep going and everybody's like frenetically working and we don't stop to document processes, we'll get more done. And you know that whole phrase that people say all the time, you need to stop working in your business and on your business. Ah, so annoying because what does that really mean? What do I need to do? Tell me what to do for that. Well, here's what it really means. You need to document processes because, and document your core processes. What is your customer journey? What are the processes that touch your clients?

What are the key processes in your business? Those all have to be documented. No doubt, Nikki. I know they are. Um, Nicky, just set of processes are my jam. Here's why. Nikki's and operator in Giovanni's company Archangel and the reason she loves processes is every time you document a process you find what I've found. See my epiphany was I always felt like it was going to slow us down to document processes. Man, I'm embarrassed to say that because once we documented processes, I was able to see how crazy fast my team was actually able to go and it was incredible. So here's what process documentation looks like. It's having the right flow charts, checklists, proxy, maybe even a process documentation platform like what we have because we have a distributed team around the world. So we have a platform that houses our key company processes.

Why? Because if somebody out, if somebody is not there, then we can still get things done and we don't fall behind. Matthew, thanks for being here, Eric. Thanks for being here Chris. Man. So great to have you all here. Do me a favor, share this formula, see how many people we can get watching this. This is our key, like some of our core content here. And I want as many people to hear it as possible because when you have processes, everything changes. Now here you have to understand the level of documentation because you can't just pull everything back and go document all your processes in your business at once. What's up Brett? Love you, brother, miss you, man. I got your message. I'll answer later. Um, uh, and here's what you need to understand. Key Processes, foundational processes in your business. The ones that touch the customer, the ones that are about company operations, those need thorough documentation where anyone could duplicate them.

Then when you're in new test procedures where you're setting some up or you're creating something new in the company, you're launching a new product, those need high level executive processes. Well, you don't document every little step, but you still have documentation. So you know what's going on. When you have any new positions or processes, as documentation is made, everything changes. So take your test processes and document them and then once they become real, thoroughly document them. Hey Stephanie, it's great to have you here. Um, man, I'm so awesome to have such an incredible group of people here. This is awesome. Um, so here's what it feels like when you don't have processes. First I get like body reactions from this cause I've run a company without process. Good team members go bad over time. That's just number one because the a team member without processes who doesn't understand what's important, they will be great at the beginning and then over time then we'll get overwhelmed.

Just like anybody else in the unfair position of not having processes documented. What, when you don't have processes documented, your team is constantly missing outcomes, deadlines, projects and it's frustrating because what they're trying to do is use and here's why they're using all of their decision making capacity to just keep moving forward. Thank you brother. I appreciate it. Jerry. Um, I would say your first name, but I don't know how, but I appreciate you being here. Um, and uh, if your team members don't have processes documented, they're always overwhelmed. Here's why. Decision making fatigue is real. It is absolutely real. In fact, the reason I have a written morning routine, which basically what is this? It's a process document. The reason I have a written morning routine is cause when I'm crazy busy that keeps me going forward. That is my north star. What happens to your team members when they're crazy busy?

If they don't have their processes documented, they stall out, they don't move forward. They have a hard time. When you don't have processes documented, you will have inconsistent customer experience, inconsistent customer outcomes and income, inconsistent customer feedback. Are you suffering from any one of those free inconsistent customer outcomes? It's inconsistent customer feedback, instant cut. It's INNEX inconsistent customer results. If you have inconsistency there, it's probably because you don't have the right processes documented so that your team is consistent so that your clients have and your your, your product has a consistent result. When you don't have processes documented. Client complaints will be constant and if it goes long enough, you can suffer reputational damage from not having processes documented. If you don't deliver it in the right way, if you don't fulfill your promises, you will damage your reputation. Especially in today's marketplace where one client can cause massive issues and here's the issue with process documentation.

Your team doesn't know that they need it. You have to guide this. You have to show them why they need process documentation because this is not a natural instinct for the vast majority of people, so once you show them that they need process documentation, like again, most people don't even have a morning routine. If you don't have a morning routine is an entrepreneur, there's going to be a morning you wake up and you miss stuff. I don't miss because it's a simple checklist. Same thing for anybody in your business. Make it so that they don't miss because here's what it feels like when you have processed documentation. One, you get consistent positive feedback from your clients and that is exciting. You also get consistent client results. The people out there get consistent results. They come back with success. When you have pro clear process documentation and your team works consistently, you get low or no customer complaints.

Man, that is valuable on so many different levels. One, it's valuable because you don't have to deal with the complaints. You don't have to deal with the issues, but two, it's so valuable in today's day and age because just one freaked out or upset client who goes out and makes noise on social media can seriously challenge your reputation, so have processed documents in place where your product is so good. Then your, your delivery is so consistent that the person who complains is an outlier, that the person who complains makes them look weird, not you because you're so consistent in your delivery. My team's getting there. We're not quite there yet, but we're getting there. And then when you have process documentation, not only does your company grow consistently without team overwhelmed or overwhelming you. Here's what's awesome. Each member of your team can consistently do more. Here's why that's so important. When you have process, document it, documentation in place. Each member of your team can actually knock more out, get more done, make more happen. That is massive because the investment you're making in a person actually goes up dollar for dollar when they get more done for you. So the more process there is the more of their job that's actually documented and easy. The faster your business will grow. I'm doing a Facebook live. Can you come back in a minute?

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Okay. You know what? I'm going to have to finish the five reasons why companies that she had scale don't. In a few minutes I'll come back and finish this at, Oh, you know what? She's picking up the tire package that's in the garage, the big box that says on it. Okay, cool. Let me know if there's an issue. That's real life right there. All right. And my wife is ill right now, so that's why the kids would come in to me. So when you have all of this, sorry, nails. When you have processes, documented, documentation in place, your people actually get better. They get smarter, they give you more and they working with you more and you stop losing good people. All right, number four out of five, what was number one? Strategic Plan number two, having uh, the, the communication system in place. It's like your key, most important process.

Number three, it's your processes. You're having processed documentation in the business. And now number four, here's a big one. Doing the right projects at the right time. Let me let you in on a little secret here. You can do the right project at the wrong time and nothing will happen in your business. In fact, it is painful when you invest in a project to get it done and then no momentum, nothing happens, nothing shifts. Your business just stays the same that that's one of the most frustrating conditions you can possibly be in as an entrepreneur when you put a bunch of effort into something and nothing comes out of it. Do me a favor. If you're just starting to watch, share this for me and let's see if we can get some more people watching this because, and if you, if you're just watching this, you can go back and watch it the beginning and go back to the beginning.

So the epiphany I had around projects is, is this as entrepreneurs, what do we want? How do we want, want projects to get done all at once and right away let's just get it all done. Let's make everything happen. Well, I learned pretty quickly in business at all once and right away as a great thought process. But in real life it just breaks projects at breaks people and breaks processes. It breaks everything and it can break your company. So when we did, when we started to put a project system in place, a system that allows us to select the right project at the right time to select an owner to, it's like contributors to get the critical steps in milestones recorded and a system for perspective to show the scoreboard as to whether a project is moving forward or not. And when we have tracking to see that it gets done.

We finish a product and, or sorry, we finished a project and it's crickets. There's no increase in pace. There's no improvement to the business. It's like something is done. You don't see a result why it was the wrong project at the wrong time. When you get the right project at the right timeline, dub and your team has what it needs to successfully complete them, you get maximum momentum. In fact, each time a project's done, you feel it and you can get everything that you want to done. And here's what's interesting. When you have a project management system in your business that aligns with everything else, over time, you'll get more than you ever thought you could get done. You will, you'll get more than you ever anticipated. You could get done as a team. So five reasons why companies, they should scale don't. Number one, they don't have a strategic plan.

Number two, there's not a clear communication system where everyone knows what's going on. Number three, they don't have a system for selecting the right processes to document in the business. Number four, they don't have a system for selecting the right projects to complete in the business. And number five. This is probably the biggest one and I saved it for last is people see when you don't have a team of true believers as an entrepreneur, it will drive you nuts. In fact, here was the epiphany I had here and let's get real because there was a point in time in business where I felt just like so many other entrepreneurs do I, my whole goal was how do I get everything done without having a team? How do I do this without having to rely on anybody else? How do they do this all myself? How do I do it without having to manage it and having to deal with the complication of people and here's what I realized.

There comes a time in your career and you might be there now. In fact, if you are, give me a yes when I'm done telling you what it is. There comes a time in your career where there's success and momentum. The impact and the influence you can create on your own is not enough and at that point, the option you have is to go out and assemble a team, build an organization and make something happen. The when you can no longer create the momentum you want on your own, the only way that you can get past that is to build the team. So how many of you are there? Tell me, give me a yes. If you're in the place where you want to create more momentum than you can on your own. If you're in the place where you want to create more impact than you can on your own.

If you're in the place where you want to create more influence than you can on your own, then you have to build a team and here's what it takes now. Now here's, here's what's crazy about team building and in a hyper fast growth company that we teach people to grow, not normal speeds. We teach people to grow hyper fast, massive scaling faster than like most Mbas would be weak at the knees with how we show people how to scale businesses. It is fast. It's hard hitting. It's entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial and and make things, make things happen. Now, but here's, here's what's interesting. In Corporate America, which is where I used to consult, when someone new is hired onto a team, you want to know how lame they look at. People wondered, know how pathetic their opinion of people is in corporate America, they actually talk about new hires not being productive, not being back, not actually giving anything back to the company for six months, six months.

Here's what I know about entrepreneurs. When you hire someone you won't last six days if they're not productive in there, making things happen and here's the process that it takes to go out and hire the right people. One, you have to gather internal data, know who you need. Then you have to document the identify and document the position. Recruit for the position, interview, hire onboard the protect that person. Make sure that you have outcome transparency and accountability for each person on the team like I talked about earlier in processes, show them the win and then you have to lead and develop that person. Now, here's what it feels like when you don't have the right person on your team, right? People, and I've been there.

When you don't have the right people on your team, it's constant people issues. You are frustrated with your team, right?

Fact, it's hard for me to even talk about this, but there's been times in my career where I ran teams that I didn't know

Mike. And uh, there were times where I would like go to an office or go meet with my team and I would have to talk myself into it. I'd have to like take deep breaths and like get into it to be able to go meet with my team because I didn't like the people that were there. I didn't, I didn't recruit the right people. I didn't hire right people. I didn't understand how to hire for culture and attitude rather than skillset and aptitude. And I stayed over here for so long that I constantly hired people that I was completely frustrated with. I didn't understand that true believers would change everything. Here's what I can tell you about hiring true believers for your teeth. When you hire a true believer, you will never have to motivate them. When you hire someone who isn't a true believer, you will never motivate them enough.

When you don't have a team of true believers, you'll be frustrated with them. You'll feel like you can't get at you enough help. You'll feel like you can't get everything done. You'll have the feeling of consistently and, and dealing constraint and being held back. Hey Nicole, it's been a while. Good to have you here. And same with you Chris. Um, you'll have a feeling of constraint and you feel like you're leaving opportunity on the table. It's so frustrating when you're dealing with having the wrong people on the team. And when you don't have the right people on your team, you ready? Jodie, maybe you felt this. If you have a team where you don't have the right people on your team, you will have this constant voice in the back of your head.

Yeah. Saying, hey, why don't I just go back and do this all myself? Or are you all have that feeling? What's up? Very, you'll have that feeling of, uh, you know, it was so much easier when it was just me. I don't need to scale. And you have that feeling of like, I could just do all of this. Like it was so much easier when it was, when it wasn't complicated with people. And so here's what happens. You'll actually start talking yourself out of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I drives me nuts and I talk to entrepreneurs all the time who have hired failed and then decide they're never going to do it anymore. Here's what I know about you. If you are watching my video, Kevin and Nate and Eric and Jody and Nicole and everybody else who's here, here's what I know. If you're watching me, there is a factual part of your life. You're not going to turn it off. In fact, you don't know how and you wonder why anyone would want to. So the reality is is you are going to continue to go forward and create as much momentum as you possibly can throughout your life and throughout your career. And so when you have a team, here's what it feels like.

You get into massive momentum. Yeah.

When you have an aligned adaptable team, they overcome, they adapt, they made things happen. They move forward. Sometimes even without you. Last weekend, Cadey, to go to the hospital for a kidney stone, that actually became really serious. You ended up in an emergency procedure and there was all types of other complications that scared the crap out of us. Yes. Or last week was also one of the most productive weeks my company has ever had. I was basically absentee. Why? Because we have the right people. We have the right system, we have the right processes in. It all fits together, so when you have the right people, here's what's exciting. When you have the right team, when you have a team of aligned, true believers that can overcome and adapt, you can do whatever you want. Intrepreneurial wants to do. You can call your shots and know that they're going to come true.

We just had our alignment meeting today with my team. We had our weekly commitments meeting where every member of the team said what they're going to get done this weekend. Here's what I know. Last week of all the commitments we made, we had over 90% of them get done. Even though it was a week where I was out of the office most of the time where I was absentee, where I couldn't even really be reached a lot of the time. That is what it means to have an aligned adaptable team. So let's summarize the five reasons why companies that should scale don't. Number one, they don't have a strategic plan. 99% of companies don't have a strategic plan. That means you as the entrepreneur don't know where you're going. So there's nowhere where your team does. Number two, they don't have a communication system. The team is waiting for word from on high or they get so much communication from the entrepreneur.

They don't know what's important, but there's no system that says, here's how we're going to became communicate. Here's when and here's what's going to be said. If you give your team that they will anticipate what you're going to tell them, they will expect what's coming next and you will be able to predict a future. Number three issue in businesses that don't scale or they should scale but don't, is that they don't have processes documented. You don't have critical processes documented so that anyone in that business can can execute them, take care of them and give a consistent client experience. Number four, you're not executing the right projects at the right time with the right pace. When you execute the right projects at the right time with the right speed, your business will move forward like crazy and each project is completed. You will feel momentum instead of just feeling like a project got done.

And the fifth reason that companies that should scale don't is they don't have the right people. They don't have a team of committed, adaptable, true believers that can make things happen in the business. Now, here's what you really want in your business. You don't want those five independent systems. You want one process, one system, one holistic way to run the business that covers all five and that's what we do as an organization. We show entrepreneurs how to install our system, which are a strategic planning system, a communication system, and then a consistent system to to pick the right processes, the right projects and the right people to grow your business as fast as possible. See, when you have a holistic system that does all of this, you just can't lose, but until you do, you will always feel the deficit of one these things missing.

If you don't have a strategic plan, your team won't see the future. You will always feel like the biggest bottle neck. If you don't have a communication system, you will experience consistent, frustrating, and draining communication issues. If you don't have a system to select the right processes to document, your team will be inconsistent. Your customer experience will be inconsistent and your growth will be inconsistent. If you don't have a system and a process for selecting the right projects at the right time and getting them done fast, you will never feel the momentum in your business that you want. And if you don't have a system for consistently recruiting and hiring true believers that are come in ready to create momentum and get things done, you will never feel the momentum you can and building a team. And you will always wonder if you should go back to doing it all yourself.

We both know that's ridiculous. See, I want to help you grow and scale your business faster than you ever thought possible. Follow this process. Get these five things into your business. When you have a strategic plan, the communication system, the right processes, execute the right projects and you have a team of true believers and the right people, everything in your business will change and you will finally find the momentum that you have always been looking for. We're helping entrepreneurs around the world grow and scale empires and we can help you. So if you're interested in more information, send me a private message and I'll make sure we get you connected with a member of my team and I want to thank you, those of you who stayed here through this very long Facebook live. Um, I appreciate all of you and do me a favor, share this. Let's get as many people in this information as we can. Thanks again.


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