Momentum Podcast: 7

The Entrepreneurial Personality Type Defined

by Alex Charfen

Episode Description

Entrepreneurial Personality Types are driven by the need for momentum and for progress but we are highly reactive to constraint. We are the small sub-population of humanity that drives our evolution, but we can go from looking talented to disordered in a moment. When we don't understand this reactivity to constraint it can confuse us, cause us to judge ourselves, and hold us in place. When we understand ourselves better, we know we are not motivated by the rest of the world, and we can move forward and accomplish. When we release the judgment the rest of the world imposes on us and realize that we are driven by the need for momentum and contribution, we create the outcomes that we want in the world. Great entrepreneurs throughout history have proven, regardless of the diagnosis or disorder or even physical limitation, we can change the world.

Full Audio Transcript

Welcome. This is Episode 7 of the Entrepreneurial Personality Type. The Entrepreneurial Personality Type defined. In defining our personality type, I struggled originally with looking at different entrepreneurs, because when you only study a few people's lives, they look different. And when you first start looking at biographies and autobiographies and life histories of entrepreneurs, they can fool you into thinking that we are completely different, but what we are is a consistently misunderstood sub-population driving human evolution.

This is from my book, chapter 2, the Entrepreneurial Personality Type. I'm just going to read a part. "The Entrepreneurial Personality Type is a previously unidentified and misunderstood population. Is has been there since the being. Our personality type gives us unique abilities. We see the world differently. We have particular sensitivities and are highly affected by constraint. With the right support and guidance, we will contribute to humanity and we can all change the world. In short, the EPT is a Meta personality type defined by cognitive and physiological response to momentum and our reactivity to constraint or anything limiting our momentum."

"When protected and supported, our attributes develop into unique skills and abilities and often create unexpected, world-changing outcomes. When we are suppressed, the same attributes can be destructive or appear as disorder. For this reason, it is crucial for EPTs and those around us to have a clear understanding of the attributes driving our behavior and our perspectives. The EPT is not a vision I have for the future or a reflection or what could be. The EPT has been evident throughout history in the biographies, letters, writings and what famous leaders have left behind."

As we explore the EPT, through this podcast, you may feel a connection to something that was missing in your life. You may even come to the realization that you have been suppressing your attributes, your strengths for years based on the negative interactions you've had with other people. This is an unfortunate, all too common reality for Entrepreneurial Personality Types today. First and foremost, my hope in discovering and sharing the EPT is that it illuminates a singular message for every one of us across the world, the world. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

Great EPTs throughout history have had not enough resources, not the right situation, not the right skills, not the right abilities. Yet they were exactly who went on to change the world. Helen Keller should not have been able to change what it means to be a person that is lesser abled. Einstein failed algebra, couldn't tie his shoes and didn't talk until he was four. I can't imagine what he would have been diagnosed with today. And Beethoven, who can change your mood, change your perspective with a single song, couldn't hear the very music he wrote. When we look to modern day, it's no different for Entrepreneurial Personality Types, who are around right now. Richard Branson is a well-known dyslexic. In fact, when I met Daymond John, who created FUBU and that's one person, Daymond John, who was partnered with FUBU, which is owned by the Korean government, which just shows you how amazing one individual can be, created a massive organization, multi billion dollar company. When I met Daymond, we sat down for lunch and he turned to me and asked me to read the menu, because he said it would have taken him 45 minutes. He's dyslexic too.

I've said it before, society today has this equation that says if you don't show up like everyone else, if you don't look like everyone else, if you don't talk and walk like everyone else, then you must be broken. We should diagnose. We should medicate. We should treat you and somehow correct who you are and change you in a fundamental way. But the fact is history has shown over and over that the person that doesn't show up like everyone else, doesn't talk like everyone else, walk like everyone else, is exactly the brilliance that would change the world.

I think of a friend that I recently made. His name's Jon Morrow. He's one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I've ever spoken with. He has taught millions of people how to write better. He's one of the most well-known bloggers on the planet. He's coached entrepreneurs who are starting out, trying to share what they know, trying to get their voice out there, trying to make a contribution, to go out and do exactly that. But Jon is a unique individual, because the only ability he has to move, at all, is his face. He navigated the entire world by blowing through a straw and literally can only move a small portion of his face to do everything that he needs to do. Jon and I were having a conversation recently about the Entrepreneurial Personality Type and he said something to me that was so profound it made me pause. He said, "You know Alex, I've felt different my entire life and it has nothing to do with being in the chair."

See, people like us, we've always known we were different. We've always known we weren't like those around us and we've always know that even if we can't move, even if we're confined to a wheelchair, even if all we can do is move our face, like Jon, we get up everyday, press forward, create momentum and regardless of what resources we have in the moment that make us look challenged, every one of us can go forward and change the world. The Entrepreneurial Personality Type is the only consistent source of positive human evolution and we always will be. I want you to remember, there is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone.

In the next episode of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type, I'm going to cover Entrepreneurial Suppression. Why so many of us don't use the talents we have, the gifts we have. And we suppress ourselves, hold ourselves back, keep ourselves in place. You do not want to miss episode 8. Thank you for listening to The Entrepreneurial Personality Type podcast. Do me a favor right now, subscribe and leave us a review. Help us get ranked on iTunes and if you'd like to get more in-depth in The Entrepreneurial Personality Type and have a written framework to follow, download the Entrepreneurial Personality Type book at I'll talk to you in episode 8.

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