Momentum Podcast: 804

Your Days Should Get Easier

by Alex Charfen

As a business owner, it's one of the hardest concepts to understand that your days have to get tactically easier over time or you are building a house of cards.

Episode Description

As an entrepreneur, one of the least intuitive things to do is make things easier on yourself. As we grow our business and things get more difficult, we do more to reach higher levels of success. Intuitively, it feels like the harder things are the better the business will do. 

The reality is the opposite. If your days are getting tactically harder, you are building a house of cards. You are becoming the biggest bottleneck in the business, and the business’s biggest liability. 

In this episode, I share the process that we have used with thousands of entrepreneurs to help them offload the tactical and step into a higher level of strategy in their business.

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