Momentum Podcast: 807

The Power Of Travel Intentions

by Alex Charfen

Years ago, I got to meet Dr. Wayne Dyer. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, because oftentimes you meet your heroes and sometimes what you expect them to be and what they are are two completely different things. And what. Dr. Dyer It was the opposite.

He was everything I ever expected him to be. And one of the most incredible humans I've ever had the opportunity to spend some time around. And today, I want to share with you the story of meeting him.

If you listen to my podcast, it's going to be a repeat of the story, but then a strategy that we use as a family and that you can use whether you have a family or not. To bring more intentionality into your life.

Episode Description

There are two aspects to getting something done, the thing you are doing and the intention behind it. As entrepreneurs, we are better than most about getting things done. Accomplishment, even of little things, drives us and gives us momentum. When we create intention around what we are doing, we supercharge our accomplishments and give ourselves more momentum. In this podcast, I share the crazy story of how we met Dr. Wayne Dyer and a hack for how you can travel with intention with a family or on your own. 

If you resonate with this and want help growing your business, go to and connect with us to see how we can help. 

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