Momentum Podcast: 811

Develop this Superpower

by Alex Charfen

Once a month, I get together with all of the CEOs that are in our coaching program and we just did that today. We call it the CEO only call, and we go through a wide variety of topics. Today a topic came up that comes up often about getting personal help, having a personal assistant and having an executive assistant.

You'd be surprised if you haven't been in this decision making process before with just how difficult it is for CEOs even of eight figure companies to get help in this way. But once you decide to it can become a superpower.

Episode Description

Today I held the call with all the CEOs who run companies in our coaching membership. One of our members, who just had his first two million-dollar month, asked a question about getting help. He has been struggling with hiring a personal assistant because he's tried a few times, and it didn't work out, and he feels like he has some mental blocks around hiring this position again. 

In this episode, I share the advice I gave him that I learned from a wildly successful CEO who used to be a client of mine. This advice changed how I run my business and my life for the better, and it may do the same for you. 

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