Momentum Podcast: 815

Work Less To Grow Faster Part 1

by Alex Charfen

If you're one of those entrepreneurs who loves working, do not skip this episode just because of the title. And if you're an entrepreneur who feels like you're the biggest bottleneck, you were starting to build a team where you have a team and you feel like you are hitting a plateau. You don't have the growth you want and you don't have the time and freedom you want. Then this podcast is for you.

Episode Description

If you're one of those entrepreneurs who loves to work, do not skip this episode because of the title. Even if you want to continue working a ton, this episode will make you more effective and efficient and likely grow your top-line revenue and profitability.

If you're an entrepreneur who's tired of being the biggest bottleneck and does not want to be working all the time, this episode is for you. I know it's counterintuitive, but one of the fastest ways to grow a business once you have a team is to work Less. 

In this episode, I detail how you can work less solving the problems in your business and why this will help you avoid plateaus, grow your team, and have the business and life you want. 

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