Momentum Podcast: 817

An Early Lesson In Entrepreneurial Intention

by Alex Charfen

I was very fortunate to work with some incredible entrepreneurs early in my career, and I learned a ton of lessons from them. And one of the most important ones was the power of intention of actually thinking through things, of declaring what you want before you do something. And this morning I'm actually in the sauna.

So if it's not the normal clear sound, it's because I'm just recording right onto my iPhone. But I felt inspired and felt like this is a message that every entrepreneur should hear. So in this episode, I'm going to share a quick story with you about my early career that might give you some insights and also share the effect it had on me and how I've applied what I learned in my life.

Episode Description

When it comes to doing anything, there's the act of getting that thing done, and then there's also the intention with which we do it.  I feel fortunate to have started to learn this early in my entrepreneurial career. Before I understood the power of intention, I was like most of us, making a list and going as fast as possible to get as much done in the shortest time.

While this may sound logical, it was not the most effective way to do things. In this episode, I share an early lesson that I learned about the intention with which we do things.

If you want to get bigger results out of the time you spend executing anything, this podcast will help.

Full Audio Transcript

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