Momentum Podcast: 821

Release Background Noise

by Alex Charfen

I want to share a story that came up from a friend of mine about just how much having background pressure and noise in his life was. Holding him up was slowing him down. And how quickly his life absolutely exploded once he got it out of the way.

Episode Description

This weekend was awesome. I went to the Formula 1 race in Austin with my friends Brian and Haley Burt. They are extraordinary entrepreneurs, and I share some of their company story in this podcast.  Watching them go from just a couple of people a few years ago to over 100 people and an eight-figure business has been incredible.

After the race, while we were waiting for our ride, Brian shared a story that blew me away.  It includes the scariest government organization in the United States and is a lesson for all of us.

I got permission from Brian to share this so that you can learn from him like I did. 

Full Audio Transcript

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