Momentum Podcast: 822

Get Unstuck in Sales

by Alex Charfen

Last night, we held our CEO call with all the CEOs that have businesses in our membership. And a question came up that has come up over and over again in businesses where the entrepreneur themselves is doing most of the sales. So if you're in that situation where you've grown a business, you've done most of the 1 to 1 sales, and you are ready to really expand your company. This podcast is going to help you if you're in a situation where you already have a sales team. This podcast is going to give you some insight into how you can truly help that team sell sell more and sell with confidence.

Episode Description

If you are an entrepreneur who has grown your business by doing most of the sales yourself, this podcast is for you.  Offloading sales to someone else who can do them for you is one of the biggest catalysts for growth that you will have if you are in this position.

Sales is where I see entrepreneurs get stuck, resulting in a business plateau. If the business doesn't Plateau, staying in sales where I see entrepreneurs working too many hours and feeling stuck in the business's tactics.

If you have a straightforward process for successfully offloading sales, you can release this tactical activity in your business so that you can focus on strategy.  Strategy and longer-term thinking are what will grow your business.  

In this podcast I share the process for offloading sales so that you can grow the business you want. 

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