Momentum Podcast: 823

Keep Score in Sales

by Alex Charfen
This week I met with a friend of mine who runs a successful company, has a relatively new sales team because he made some changes in the structure of his team, the management of his team, and he's getting inconsistent results with the team. And I think he has five or six salespeople. But regardless how many salespeople you have, if you have over three, I'm going to share with you the insight I shared with him that always make sales teams perform better.

Episode Description

In the last episode of the podcast “Get Unstuck in Sales”  I shared the process for any entrepreneur to get out of sales and move into more strategic activities in your business.

In this episode, I share the simple tactic I have used repeatedly as a consultant to immediately improve any sales team's performance. 

When I talk to an entrepreneur and this is missing on their sales team, I immediately know they are not getting the maximum productivity out of the team, and they could be selling more. 

Full Audio Transcript

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