Momentum Podcast: 824

Create a Performance Culture

by Alex Charfen
If you're an entrepreneur like me, then you want a business that performs. You want a business that does well. You want a business that does better than the businesses around you. And the fastest way to be able to do that. Once you start hiring a team, it is to create a performance culture. A culture. A performance culture is a culture that revolves around achievement. It revolves around getting things done. It revolves around finishing projects and making things happen. And you may be surprised that in order to create a performance culture, there are only three things that you, as the CEO, the visionary of your company, need to focus on and make sure that are present in order for everyone on your team to perform.

Episode Description

In this episode, I want to convince you that the only culture you want in your business is a culture of performance.

I've had countless entrepreneurs tell me things like, “Alex, I know we're not making the money we want right now, and maybe the business isn't profitable, but we have such a great culture!”

Statements like this make me cringe. With a great culture, projects are successful, things get done on time, and the business makes money and grows.

If these things aren't happening, you may love your team, but you don't have a performance culture, and a performance culture is what makes companies great.

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