Momentum Podcast: 826

The Purpose of your Business

by Alex Charfen
There is a singular purpose of your business, and it's probably not what you think. This week I sat down with a friend of mine who has a company that is losing money and is in a place where it needs to turn around and things need to start going in the right direction. And I mentioned to him, hey, you know, this company is not your company’s not doing well. We need to figure out what you're going to do to turn this around, he said. You know, but Alex, we're making such a big impact with our customers and we have this team that we love. It's a dream team. And, you know, we're doing great things. And I said, yeah, but this company has one singular purpose, and I'll share what I told him in just a moment.

Episode Description

I tend to have contrary opinions regarding successfully running a business. 

One of my opinions that contradicts many is it there is one singular most crucial purpose of any business.

The most important purpose is not to make an impact, change the world, or even fulfill your promise to your customers. 

There is something that is far more important.

This is not discussed enough in the entrepreneurial world, and I want to change that.

Listen to this episode and get clear on the most important outcome your business can achieve.

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