Momentum Podcast: 828

Make Delegation Permanent

by Alex Charfen
As entrepreneurs, when we start our businesses, we literally have to do everything to get that business off the ground, up and running to the point where it's productive, where it's making money, where it's doing what it needs to do. And then there's a point that as we build the team, our main role, one of the main things that we need to focus on, probably the thing we should be focused on the most is delegating what we have done to get the business to where it is, to a team, to the people around us. And the challenge with delegation from most entrepreneurs, myself included, is that we're not good at it and we stop trusting delegation and we become suspect of delegation and we hold on to too much and we get stuck in the tactics and the day to day of our businesses. And that's why I'm recording this podcast, because over the course of being an entrepreneur for over 30 years and working with entrepreneurs for that same period of time, I've learned a way to make delegation permanent, which changes everything in the way that we take what we do and give it to those around us so that we can move on to more important things and more strategic things and have the freedom and the life we want.

Episode Description

When we start as entrepreneurs, we must do everything to be successful. There's really no other way to start a business.

Once we are up and running, if we want our businesses to continue growing, delegation is one of the disciplines we must understand.

If this is not easy for you, you are not alone. It isn't easy for any of us. Delegation is difficult. For some of us, delegation has become so difficult that we stop trusting that we can. This is one of the most limiting beliefs we can develop as entrepreneurs.

There was a significant time period in my entrepreneurial career when I believed this. I did not trust delegation, and it held me back, kept me trapped in the day-to-day of my business, and stopped my business from growing.

In this episode, I share a process with you where you can make delegation permanent and start to trust that you can delegate. You will also start seeing the possibility of just how much more you can delegate, so you can have the life you want.

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