Momentum Podcast: 832

Leadership, the Deficit We Don’t See Coming.

by Alex Charfen
If you are growing a business and your business is growing quickly, there's a place where you are going to experience a deficit probably before you realize it and before most business owners have prepared. And I want to help you with that. It's in the place of leadership. Most businesses will experience massive deficits in the leadership positions, and usually it catches business owners by surprise. It catches us off guard. It's one of the places that stalls company growth and pulls us back into the tactics that we have tried so hard to get out of. Today's podcast is all about making sure you are preparing to have leaders in your company that can duplicate your decision making.

Episode Description

It is relatively easy to see the tactical help we need when growing a company. When we get overwhelmed in sales, we need a salesperson. We need someone to handle customer service when there are too many customer inquiries.

A deficit we don't often see coming and catches so many entrepreneurs off guard is when we need more leadership in our business.

In companies I've owned and coached, I've seen this stall growth, create unnecessary challenges, and rob us of opportunity.

In this podcast, I share with you how you can anticipate where you will need help in leadership and how you can start developing people from within or recruit from outside your organization and have people quickly duplicate your decision-making.

If you are ready to install the systems that allow your team to duplicate your decision-making, automatically develop leadership within your company and get new leaders up and running quickly, go to and sign up for a call with our team.

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