Momentum Podcast: 833

Growth Creates Complexity and Success Creates Deficit

by Alex Charfen
So many entrepreneurs have been sold and marketed this belief system that when we do things right in our business, things will get easier and we won't have problems anymore and we won't have challenges anymore. And I've been working with entrepreneurs for three decades. I've been running businesses for over that period of time. I've had multiple multimillion dollar companies and several that have reached eight figures in revenue in a year. And I've helped tons of entrepreneurs do the same thing. And here's what I can tell you. If you're doing everything right, it will always create issues in the business. This is something that the faster we understand as entrepreneurs, the more prepared we are and the more able we are to grow the business that we really want.

Episode Description

As entrepreneurs we have been convinced that the better we do, the easier things will get. That there is this magical time in a business where we won't have any more problems if we do everything right.

Unfortunately, this is just not true. In any business, growth creates complexity, and success creates deficit.

The better we understand this concept, the faster we can grow our company, get stronger where things break and grow a real business.

In this podcast, I share a mindset shift that will help you become a better leader, grow a better team, and accomplish more than you thought possible.

If you're ready to make your company stronger where things break, go to and sign up for a call with my team.

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