Charfen Momentum Planner 3-Pack


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  • 📆 DAILY PRODUCTIVITY & MOMENTUM ON DEMAND – Five weekly planning sections create hyper-focus and clarity as you move forward. Prioritize every week to create massive Momentum and understand what you need to do today to achieve your ultimate outcomes.
  • 🎯 VETTED BY TOP NEUROSCIENTIST – Created from years of research by Business Consultant, Alex Charfen, the five weekly planning sections and thirty-two pages of daily productivity are vetted by one of the top neuroscientists in the world. The principles help you act on your highest priorities every day to accomplish your long-term outcomes.
  • 📈 TAP INTO YOUR RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM – Use daily and weekly review processes to scientifically program your brain to seek out success on a daily basis. Use the power of reflection and gratitude to manifest more Momentum into your life. The Momentum Planner helps you narrow your focus to get clear on what will actually move you forward.
  • 💡 LOWER PRESSURE AND NOISE & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – With our unique daily framework, you can set your intention to create your best day every day. Analyze where you are uncomfortable to know what you should offload in order to continue moving forward toward your goals. This keeps you moving toward success each day, so you can maximize your productivity on a monthly basis.
  • 👍 SUCCESS GUARANTEED – The Momentum Planner has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their goals with clarity, confidence, and commitment to what matters most. Join the community and start creating more Momentum than you ever thought possible.

You will receive 3 Charfen Momentum Planners.

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