Why you need Billionaire code Accelerator

The Billionaire Code: Accelerator program includes all the tools needed for entrepreneurs who are focused on growing a company, building a team and creating the contribution in the world that they've always known they should.

The Accelerator program is not like the majority of coaching programs in the market today. We don't promise that you'll 10X your business as easy as you could snap your fingers and our program is not a quick fix. With that being said, those who implement what we coach and teach experience massive shifts in their organizations along with high levels of momentum.

We know that as your organization grows and changes, you as a leader must also grow and change with it…

Accelerator is as much about your growth as an entrepreneur as it is about the growth of your business and your team.

We want to help you get clear on where you want to go, where things are for you today and what roadblocks are in the way that are holding you back from achieving the result you're looking for. Then, we walk together in creating a plan and providing what you need to build a sustainable business based on systems and process, an incredible team culture full of true believers and help you live in your strengths so you can grow a world-changing empire.

Here's how we accomplish that:

  • Learn to understand yourself as an entrepreneur and identify where you need help
  • Set yourself up for success as the leader and most important person in your business
  • Learn how to plan strategically and create clarity so everyone understands where you're going and how you're going to get there
  • Create a communications system to eliminate wasted time and unproductive meetings
  • Determine what team interactions are necessary to continue moving the organization forward
  • Install simple analysis tools to reveal where you have opportunities, challenges, and exactly where you should be focused at any given time.

Leverage your time, build confidence and scale your business like never before.

Follow these three easy steps...

1. Get the Tools and Coaches
2. Create A Clear, Strategic Plan
3. Grow and Scale Your Company

Why you need a strategic plan

How would your business change if you knew exactly what you needed to do and work on next to create an infrastructure that worked? Would your stress levels decrease? Would you feel like you can sleep again? What would you feel like you could take on and contribute to the world?

At Charfen, we've helped dozens of companies figure out where they are today, where they want to go and how to create a plan that allows them to go into the future, call their shot and come back to reality to insist it becomes real. 

We want to help you consistently move forward and plan in a way that changes everything…

Having a clear, strategic plan is the difference between growing the business you've always known you could and falling short of the impact you want to make. Creating a roadmap that consistently moves you forward and guides your team along the way will move you forward faster than you ever thought possible. 

When you have a plan that your team understands, you're going to feel protects and supported in a way that you never have as an entrepreneur. When you figure out where you're going before you get there, it's a lot easier to reach the destination.

Are you ready to grow and scale your business?

What's my investment?

How many hours are being wasted working on projects you may not need every year? How many ‘got a minute' requests have to be answered on daily basis? How many team members were excited to begin working with you for the first few weeks or months only to have since fizzled out? How many more weeks, months, quarters and years are you willing to keep going without creating the growth you know you're capable of? 

Fill out the application below. If you're qualified, a member of our team will reach out to set up a call and we'll determine whether or not we can help you and discuss the investment included.

Fill out the application below

Provide your information below. Be sure to be thorough and provide any helpful information that would help us understand your business better. Once your application is submitted, a member of team CHARFEN will review it and will reach out to all qualified applicants for the Billionaire Code Accelerator program to set up a Strategy Session to see if we would be a good fit to work together and help you make more impact, make more money and get your business back.

The information collected via this application is CONFIDENTIAL and will only be used by CHARFEN in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of use. We do not share confidential information with anyone.

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