Roles Don’t Matter


Roles create constraint. Sometimes that’s a good thing. An iPhone design engineer doesn’t need to make decisions about Apple’s corporate structure. But then … one of the primary reasons people like us start our own businesses is because it allows us to choose how the company is run. We get the opportunity to adapt and […]

The 3 Questions Brilliant Children Need To Hear


  Are you raising a brilliant child? Brilliant children are often sensitive and highly verbal (when encouraged and supported). They tend to notice things that other kids/people don’t see. They’re full of energy, do things their own way and are highly driven to pursue their interests. But brilliant children also tend to communicate differently. They’re […]

5 Minutes That Could Change Your Company


  Entrepreneurs face a common problem… We put an unbelievable amount of cash, time, effort, energy and focus into our businesses. But often we get lost in the weeds. We’re so focused on moving forward that we take shortcuts where we shouldn’t. And these little misses can add up to a big problem. In fact, […]

1 Simple Thing With Dave Kirby


  It isn’t always easy… Finding that “one simple thing” that makes a difference in your life can be elusive. Last week, I got to join EPT Dave Kirby on his 1SimpleThing podcast to talk about personal growth and the tactics of living with intention. Dave is a radio and podcast veteran, and he makes […]