Why People Are Wrong About Millennials


  “Millennials are the worst generation. They’re lazy, unmotivated, disconnected and they want a trophy for everything they do.” At my events, I seem to always talk with people who express this opinion and they’re usually having trouble finding the right talent to join their team. It’s common for them to associate this problem with […]

Are You a Transactional or Transformational Leader?


  Even the top executives in the world have debates about how to lead effectively. And I’ve found there are still some misconceptions around transactional vs. transformational leadership. Just recently, we gathered top entrepreneurs from around the country to our office to discuss and learn about this . One of the biggest questions that came […]

How Contribution and Community Build Momentum


Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPTs) are self-reliant by nature. We’ve had to prove our resourcefulness and ability to adapt time and again. So when pressure and noise is high, we tend to isolate to find our momentum. But that might not be the most successful tactic for finding and sustaining momentum over time. It seems cliche, […]

Don’t Let Ego Get in the Way of Contribution


“If it’s gonna be done right, it has to be done by me.” “I’ve never met someone who can do this as well as me.” “I could never manage someone to do this.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard entrepreneurs make statements like this over the years. It’s one of the most […]

The Importance of Self-Worth


“Your income will never exceed your self-worth.” I heard Robin Sharma say this at the Titan Summit in December and it has stuck with me ever since. I think the reason it resonated so strongly is because it highlights something that many entrepreneurs overlook: their self-worth. Finding success in business has a lot to do […]