The Perspective That Creates Momentum

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  If you’re like me, you’ve experienced it before… That feeling of anxiety when you’re unable to see how your daily activities are driving toward your greatest contribution. It’s called entrepreneurial panic, and if you struggle with this, you’re not alone. So many people today are walking around wondering how to make their desired outcomes […]

The 50% Rule

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  Ask any entrepreneur the question: “Are you going to be successful long-term?” And most will respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!” No surprise…most of us are optimistic and confident in our abilities. However, it’s important to remember that long-term success doesn’t just happen. It requires intention. And one thing I’ve noticed about entrepreneurs is that […]

Momentum Through Management

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  There’s no way around it… If you want a Constructive Company, one that grows around you and benefits everyone involved, you have to understand how to manage people. Management is an eternal hot topic amongst business coaches and thought leaders. And although there’s some good information out there to help entrepreneurs get started, there’s […]

How to Make the Holidays Pay Off

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  Most people can’t wait for holidays and long weekends. They look forward to a chance to unwind and ignore work for a while. And then there are EPTs… If you’re like me, holidays and long weekends elicit mixed emotions. Sure, time off sounds nice in theory. But I’ve always found that once vacation time […]

The Importance of Storytelling

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  Last Thursday was one one of the most exciting and inspiring days I’ve had in awhile… Chris Smith of The Campfire Effect came in to help my team and me refine our story to more clearly explain who we are, what we do, how we do it and why. Why is that important? Well, […]