Your Health, Your Business: The Low Risk / High Reward Transformation


Any constraint in your business or personal life can have a negative effect on your physical health. Because of this, many EPTs battle with weight issues, insomnia, high blood pressure and sometimes more serious conditions, like autoimmune disorders. I know firsthand how important taking care of your body is to your business. When I was […]

Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs


Sickness is unavoidable. No one can maintain a perfect bill of health over the course of a lifetime. Your job, as an entrepreneur, is to limit the downtime caused by illness. You’re far too valuable to let sickness keep you from making a contribution. To avoid that, you need to understand how your body works […]

Entrepreneurs, Transparency, Divorce


  Have you ever known one of those gushy, magnetic couples? A pair that’s so excited and happy to be together that their “love” is almost repulsive to you? And then, somewhere down the line, the together-forever couple slowly starts drifting apart until they eventually split up? Transitions in Relationships As the years have passed, […]

Entrepreneurs Are Not Risk-Takers


  Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. In fact, we’re actually some of the most risk-averse people on the planet, and we do everything we can to mitigate risk in our businesses in the pursuit of outcomes. Why Entrepreneurs Aren’t Risk-Takers The media and Hollywood like to paint Entrepreneurial Personality Types (EPTs) as […]

A Great Business is More Than a Great Idea


  Every great business starts with an idea, a vision of a greater contribution. What prevents that idea from becoming reality, in most cases, is a lack of supportive infrastructure. A Lack of Support Leads To Frustration Of course, a great business requires more than just a great idea. In my experience, one of the […]