03 – We are Momentum Based Beings

Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type Podcast/ Episode 3 / WE ARE MOMENTUM BASED BEINGS I recorded this one early and no one was awake, please share or tag someone. Entrepreneurs are wired different than the rest of the population. This causes conflict and sometimes makes it difficult for us to get along. It may […]

02 – Redefining Entrepreneurs

Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type Podcast / Episode 2 / REDEFINING ENTREPRENEURS There is a reason society looks at entrepreneurs the way that they do. Society’s view of people like us is not a necessarily positive one. Entrepreneurs have denied this forever but it is true. If you win in baseball you go to […]

01 – Sharing My Origin Story

Momentum for the Entrepreneurial Personality Type Podcast / Episode 1 / SHARING MY ORIGIN STORY I’m in a mastermind with Russell Brunson and I reached the place where I’m supposed to share my origin story on Facebook live. When someone like Russell has a framework that works, I follow it so that I can get […]

3 Tactics to Grow and Scale Your Consulting Business

The rise of internet marketing has caused incredible growth in the coaching and consulting industry. As more and more people look to become consultants, the market has become saturated with trainings on how to get your consultancy off the ground. You can spend hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos on how to use Facebook ads, […]

Leverage Your Business Coach

Leverage You Business Coach

Leveraging your business coach the right way can be a big cause of stress for entrepreneurs. Many of these relationships fail primarily because the expectations set at the beginning do not allow for a relationship to grow As a trainer, keynote speaker and consultant to businesses around the world, I talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs […]