Momentum Podcast: 820

Compartmentalization Creates Competition

by Alex Charfen

During our last Billionaire Code Summit, I got asked a really interesting question during one of our Q&A as one of our members said, "Alex, how do I successfully compartmentalize? Because there's stuff that I want to do personally and there's things that I want to get done as a mom. There's things that I want to get done as a business owner, and I'm having trouble compartmentalizing and getting them all done." And I answered her pretty immediately. And then it opened up a conversation that we had for quite a while. And I think this will be insightful for you.

Episode Description

You have probably been told that compartmentalizing your life will help you get more done.  I know I’ve heard this over and over again.  When I was younger, I heard it so often that I thought it was true.

These days, when I hear someone say that we need to compartmentalize, I cringe. 

Not only is successful compartmentalization near impossible, but compartmentalization also creates unhealthy competition in our lives.

If you have been trying to compartmentalize your life, I suggest you stop. 

In this episode, I share a more productive way to prioritize and achieve the outcomes that are important to you. And it won't drive you crazy the way the compartmentalization will.

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