Momentum Podcast: 829

Business is an Ultramarathon

by Alex Charfen
One of the biggest issues I see in the entrepreneurial world today is that the marketing more exposed to the products were exposed to the messaging were exposed to has led us to believe that all the solutions we need are just one tactic, one product, one piece of information away, and everything in our business is going to get easier. Now, I want you to know, I believe that if we do have the right tactic, the right product, the right piece of information, we can radically improve our business. We can go through massive periods of growth. We can change a lot in our business. But if you're an entrepreneur who's running a business for real and you want to grow something to multiple seven figures, to multiple eight figures and beyond, then I want you to understand something. The messaging that we hear is misleading a lot of the time, and it is creating an impression for us that isn't healthy because business is an ultra marathon, not a sprint.

Episode Description

There is far too much mythology and messaging in the entrepreneurial world today about how quickly you can create success. The myth of the overnight success story and entrepreneurship is just that, a myth. There's always more to the story.

There is so much of this messaging that it has convinced entrepreneurs who are actually succeeding in growing a business that they are doing it wrong because it's not going fast enough. It has made people doubt themselves, question their judgment, and compare themselves to others in a way that just isn't fair.

In this podcast, I share the reality of entrepreneurship to give you confidence that you are doing it right, you are exactly where you should be, and it's never been easy for any of us.

This may be one of the most important episodes I've recorded.

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