Momentum Podcast: 831

Don’t Let a Team Member “Hold You Up”

by Alex Charfen
Employing people is not easy. In fact, building a team is one of the most difficult things that we do as an entrepreneur. And sometimes there are people on your team who will hold you up, who will try and get more than what they really should be getting out of the company. And it's one of the most difficult situations to be in. Once you've successfully built a team, once you feel like you have the pieces in place. Having a conversation with somebody who has unreasonable demands is painful. Recently, I received a call from a friend of mine who was in this situation, and I'm going to share the advice with you that I shared with him. And he thanked me afterwards and said, "I appreciate you for talking me off a ledge and giving me some clear direction". So I know it worked.

Episode Description

One of the most frustrating aspects of growing a team for most entrepreneurs it's deciding how much to pay people. Even discussing salaries can create frustration and anxiety for most of us.

It makes things even worse when we have a team member with unrealistic expectations of what we should pay them. If we pay someone more than we should, we create an environment of entitlement that can spread like cancer throughout an organization.

Recently A friend of mine reached out with a situation where not one but two people on his team were trying to hold him up for outrageous salaries that didn't make sense.

In this podcast, I share the advice that I gave him, and I know it worked because I got a text message after our call that he said, “thanks for talking me off a ledge.”

Let me talk you off the ledge before you ever get there.

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