Momentum Podcast: 839

Let Your Team Lead the Way

by Alex Charfen
The dream of every entrepreneur with a team is to be able to get our teams out in front of us, accomplishing getting things done, making things happen, and moving us towards the vision that we have for our company and the cause and effect we want to have in the world, the change we want to make in the world. And so few entrepreneurs get to that place where they actually feel like their team is leading the way because they're missing one. Crucial component to being able to get your team out in front of you and let them lead the way.

Episode Description

As a speaker and entrepreneur, I know the aspiration of every business owner with a team is to have the team work independently and achieve the company's goals, moving towards the intended vision and impact on the world. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs experience this due to missing a crucial component.

Recently, I participated in a monthly planning meeting for a client's $60 million company and was inspired to address this topic. I have seen too many entrepreneurs, including myself in my twenties, running businesses without understanding how to lead a team. I used to run a consulting firm without knowing what was needed to lead a team and constantly felt overwhelmed with daily tasks and challenges. I used to work all day and put out fires, but still, projects were always late and clients were dissatisfied. I finally realized that the problem was the lack of a clear plan for the business that everyone on the team understood. Less than 2% of entrepreneurs have a clear plan for the business, which is not the traditional business plan or financial projections, but a monthly directive that shows everyone what the company is doing.

In this podcast, I will teach you a process for creating this plan and achieving clarity in every project, policy, process, and personnel change. When you have this plan, your team knows what to do, and you can focus on more strategic tasks.

If you are ready to get out of your business's day-to-day, go to and register for a call with our team.

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