Momentum Podcast: 840

The Key To Team Cooperation

by Alex Charfen
The dream of every entrepreneur with a team is to be able to get our teams out in front of us, accomplishing getting things done, making things happen, and moving us towards the vision that we have for our company and the cause and effect we want to have in the world, the change we want to make in the world. And so few entrepreneurs get to that place where they actually feel like their team is leading the way because they're missing one. Crucial component to being able to get your team out in front of you and let them lead the way.

Episode Description

As an entrepreneur, one of the skillsets you will develop for leading your team is to create cooperation over competition. While some healthy competition among team members can be beneficial, competition that becomes systemic can lead to destructive forces such as politics, silos, and turf wars. Instead, entrepreneurs should create opportunities for cooperation with their team to create a strong culture.

In the companies I ran in my twenties, cooperation was nonexistent and competition was rampant. At the time, I thought that dealing with infighting, lack of clarity, and conflict was just part of being a CEO. I learned an important lesson that lack of clarity creates competition, and clarity is the key to creating cooperation on a team.

In this podcast episode, you will learn the three areas that I focus on in order to create a performance culture within a team: clear outcomes, radical responsibility, and constant communication. By establishing clear outcomes, assigning radical responsibility to team members, and fostering open communication, a team can create a culture of cooperation and achieve greater success.

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