Momentum Podcast: 816

Work less to Grow Faster Part 2

by Alex Charfen

I feel like this concept of working less to grow faster is so important, and I had so much fun recording the first episode that this is the second.

You know, in the first episode I talked about one of the ways to work less is to stop solving all the problems. So if you haven't listened to it, you might want to check it out. And now in this second episode, I'm going to talk about process development.

So many of us have read The E-Myth, but just the idea of documenting every single process in an entire business down to this singular step is so overwhelming. In this episode, I want to help you do it much, much easier.

Episode Description

I had so much fun recording the first episode of “Work Less To Grow Faster”  that I had to record a second one.

Most of us entrepreneurs have heard that we need to document our business's processes to have a real company. Most of us have also felt completely overwhelmed by this idea. 

I read the E-Myth when I was in my twenties, and I was so overwhelmed by it that I avoided the subject altogether. In this episode, I will share with you the process I have for process documentation now that gets things done in a fraction of the time costs me minimal effort, and make sure that my company is safe and that we know what we are doing. 

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